Break out that iron!


Why YES, you CAN iron your paper – ha!  I’m finally going to show you how to use iron-on vinyl, yet another lovely product from Therm O Web:  Heat n Bond Iron On Vinyl – it comes in matte or gloss finish .  The possibilities are endless with this product.  Can you imagine a handbag made out of your favorite scrapbook paper?  That’s next on my list once I get to use our sewing machine at home – hee, hee.

Supplies needed:




Iron on vinyl

*Directions are very clear on the packing of the product but I will show you here too.

**Pre-heat iron to wool (medium heat) setting without steam.

Cut vinyl sheet just a tiny bit larger than the sheet of paper you are working on.  Here I simply cut a sheet of 12×12 paper in half.

Peel vinyl off of protective paper. 

Place vinyl sticky side down directly on paper.  Use your hand to smooth down or other tool like a brayer to get the bubbles out, etc.

Place protective covering (that you just removed) behind paper, on top of vinyl as well as a light cloth for additional protection while ironing.

Iron on cloth for 8 seconds making sure to go over the entire sheet of paper below.  You can easily lift the cloth/protective covering if you don’t feel that you have covered all of it with the iron.  *Make sure that you do not iron any of the protective covering or the vinyl– hence the cloth on top so the vinyl does not get on your iron.

Pull cloth off and let cool for a few seconds.

Snip off edges of any leftover vinyl if needed.

Ta-da, you’re done!  The glare on the photo here is intentional to show you the iron-on vinyl on the paper.

Creative cheers,



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