Garage Sale is back!


You asked for it, I had trouble deciding on a date, but finally the next Garage Sale is scheduled.  It will be on May 16 & 17– the week after Mothers’ Day, the weekend before Memorial Day. Oy– May’s a busy month!

Here’s how it works: Full tables rent for $10, half tables for $5. You bring your stuff, labelled with the price you’re asking and the number we give you. (If you’d like to split a table with someone, be sure to ask for more than one number, so it’s easy to split up the proceeds. ) We staff the sale, ring everything up, and give you 100% of  the proceeds as a gift card, OR half the proceeds in cash. 

That couldn’t be easier, could it? So if you’d like to sign up, you can find the contract here. Fill it out, bring it in with payment, or fax it back and we’ll charge your card and call you with your garage sale number.  We ask for your card number (and keep it safe) so that, should you no-show without 48 hours notice, we can charge your card $50. We’d rather not do that, though– we’d prefer you call us to say you can’t participate, so we can give your spot to someone from the waiting list.

Sign up now, before we’re all full (again). We look forward to seeing you as a seller or a shopper on May 16 & 17!



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