New Basic Grey is Here! And a winner…


Lime Rickey by BasicGrey

The long-awaited Lime Rickey and Wisteria are in the house. For both lines we have all the papers, the collection packs, and the 6×6 pads. We also have the chip stickers for Wisteria– so cute! 

BasicGrey Wisteria Chip Shapes

BasicGrey Wisteria Chip Shapes

Wisteria by BasicGrey

Wisteria by BasicGrey

And now seems like a great time to announce the winner of the blog drawing from our January post  (did you think we’d forgotten?). Her favorite is Lime Rickey, and the winner of our random drawing is… Roxane Apple! Roxane can pick up her complete line of Lime Rickey papers at the store.

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One Response to “New Basic Grey is Here! And a winner…”

  1. Roxane Apple Says:

    Wow! How exciting! I just let out a screech of excitement when I read the blog email, and then my dear husband said, “Oh yeah! There’s a message for you on the voice mail. You won something!” LOL! Thanks MK for the really fun blog drawing, and Houston, thanks for the exciting voice mail message! Yippy!!!!!! I’ll see you soon! :o)

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