How To Use Up Your Product…


so you can buy more! 🙂 I have a problem that I think I share with a lot of scrapbookers. We buy pretty papers and products that we love. We can’t bear to use them because they are so pretty. But one day you discover you have way too many pretty papers and products–and nowhere to store them anymore. You could buy more storage and kick someone out of their room. Or you could start using all those pretty papers and products up. I have a sneaking suspicion that in the next month or two you’ll be walking around Mary Kay’s store and find yet more pretty things to buy. Can anyone relate?

I had a goal this week to use up a bunch of letters/buttons/papers/rubons that I had purchased. Most of the papers had already been cut into, so I decided to make cards. This is what I had to work with:kit

The first thing I wanted to use up (mind you, this is kind of hard to wrap your head around, the concept of using up, but I promise it’s very liberating…) was some felt letters from Creative Cafe. You could insert any manufacturer there. I have far too many packages, missing just a few letters, of the American Crafts Thickers. And I keep saving them. And American Crafts keeps making more cute fonts, more fun forms–I didn’t think I’d like anything better than the Daiquiri foam font, then they came out with the Sweater felt font, then the Chit Chat puffy font. So you really don’t need to worry about using them up, there’ll always be more.

Back to my goal…here’s what I did with the half used package of letters.

I bet you don’t often use up many of the numbers, I know I don’t. So I took almost all that I had and put them on the front of a card, used a label sticker to stamp “I LOVE YOU” on and then on the inside I stamped “FOR A NUMBER OF REASONS.” A very quick card that could be adapted a ‘number’ of ways. 🙂


I call this my number humor card. Remember the joke about what the 0 said to the 8?  I guarentee it will make the reciever of the card laugh. And you just used up some more numbers. And then there’s the joke about why is 6 afraid of 7?


This card is a result of dumping out all those little felt pieces. I noticed this cute little smile. I had a fun chipboard frame, it just worked perfectly.


And this one is my favorite, I used all the final letters, ones that will never spell anything but August or Quad, and just started gluing them down to create a graphic design. Add a few strips of ribbon, some rub ons, and you have a really funky looking card. Easy.


Next time I blog (April 2), I show you some more ways that I used up my supplies. But until then, see if you can use up one whole set of letters/numbers. It’s a little intimidating, but once you do it, I think you may be surprised at how good it feels!


One Response to “How To Use Up Your Product…”

  1. Terry Wise Says:

    Is this Emily who wrote this? You are a girl after my own heart! This is exactly how I sort of work…. (alias my name….sKraps by WILD Nana). How can I use all the sKraps?

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