Shhhh, is Spring listening?


If you live in Colorado, you know the drill. Spring drops hints here and there. As we all know, March and April – busiest months for snow in Colorado? Enough already! I really AM ready to see the flowers, the green, outdoor markets, flip-flops, etc. OK, but I wasn’t ready for the allergy attack it brought to me this year.

Ready or not: We ARE ready in the store!
Look what is sprouting at your Scrapbook Destination:



Bella Blvd. – a very happy new line of paper filling the store with feelings of the aforementioned *sigh*. Can you guess which paper is ‘my’ favorite? No contest there – duh!

On closer inspection:



Does it make you feel happy? Well it should, regardless the mood you’re in. I know this from experience, trust me!

[Editor’s note: *I* love how they’re two separate lines with two different themes, but they coordinate perfectly. That Swing Into Spring stripe goes great with the Sweet Celebration cupcakes!–mks]

OH, I don’t want to leave out the very cool cardstock stickers that came with this paper. They are solid white. Why is that important you ask? You can ink them, stamp them, trace them, bling them – the possibilities are endless!


Come see what inspires you today!

Creative cheers,


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