Are you Bound?


2009 BIA pink v2.0

A new year, a new color!

The new Bind-It-All has made it to the store. And it’s pink. AND it comes with new features:

BIA V2.0 can now accommodate materials up to 35% thicker than the orginal BIA. So for those of us wanting to bind the whole enchilada at once, there you go. The perfectionist in me still likes the slow, a few pieces at a time way but I will have to give this feature a shot!

It can also do very thin fabric and acrylic now. I’ve yet to try it out so I’m excited to test out some fabric album projects for the new year!

Also new is the Extension Paper Guide Bar and Plate. In short, the Bar when it is locked and engaged will set measurement positions for ease in repeating punches over and over again. The Plate serves a similar purpose as the Bar for ‘repeat’ punching ease. The benefit to using the plate is that it sets measurements for projects narrower than 4”.

I’m excited to learn the new features so I can pass them on to you. I hope to have that done tonight so come visit us soon to see the new beauty in pink!

Creative cheers in the new year,


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