Join us this Saturday for a free demo…



What’s all the fuss about with these fancy ‘markers’!? Come and check it out on Saturday. There will be a FREE demo on Copic markers and Memories Mist. The Copic markers are quite cool if you haven’t seen them in action. They are environmentally friendly – they are refillable and you never have to throw them away. Did you ever know a marker you could actually ‘refill’! Crazy thing huh? Because they are alcohol based, they can be layered and blended to your heart’s content. And that’s just the beginning…. Markers have come a long way! You’ll feel like a Picasso in no time and you’ll want every color for your collection.

Check out a very cool ‘inker’, our sweet/adorable friend angela who is a copic marker master in my mind, she can blend like nobody’s business:

Inky Button

Our FREE demo:

Saturday, December 20th

10am-12 noon

And don’t forget, we are still counting the days down in our “16 Days of Christmas”:

Tomorrow’s sale – Thursday, December 18th:

*Buy one stamp or (stamp set) – get one free!

Get your list out, there is still time…

Creative cheers,



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