Cut ANY TrueType Font and Hundreds of Designs!


Have you been eyeing the various digital cutters? Are you wondering which one is for you? Well, we’ve already told you how much we love the Slice; now check out our latest obsession, the Silhouette. This machine does it all– hook it up to your computer, install the software, and ten minutes later you are cutting ANY font you have on your computer! That’s right; no more paying for cartridges to get cool fonts. Instead, surf all those Free Fonts sites, and you’re good to go. You can also cut hundreds of QuicKutz shapes, downloadable from their website; most cost $3 to $5, but the best part is that you can scale them up to EIGHT INCHES. That’s right– imagine the things you can cut! Borders to go across your 12″scrapboook page… oversized letters for school projects…the possibilities are endless!

But here’s the BEST part– it’s only $149.99. Yes, you read that right! This tool, originally over $350, is now only $149.99 at Scrapbook Destination. Compare that to the “deal” at that other store–  a bundle with the Silhouette, a $200 download card, and some QuickStrips adhesive paper is SIX HUNDRED dollars. You do the math!  J

Come to the store to see this baby in action.  At our Gift Frenzy tomorrow, Saturday December 6, I’ll be making a little octagonal box and tag that I cut on the Silhouette.  There are a dozen excellent projects, so stop in between 10 & 4:30 and create some handmade gifts!


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