Easy Gift-Giving, and a Prize!



Are you looking to save a ton of time and money for Christmas? Think personalized gifts for grandparents, teachers, family members… Just go to www.storiesbyeveryone.com, choose a book or calendar that you want to build, upload the photos, then add a little bit of journaling and you are done! It’s just that easy. Once ordered, your calendar or book will be mailed to you in as soon as 5-7 business days. Can you imagine giving a personalized calendar like this one to the people on your Christmas list? You only need to create one and then order enough for everyone on your list! How easy is that? Just be sure to enter my exclusive store code 2D5YWZM99Y when you check out! When you use my code, you have access to exclusive local-store-only designs, as well as the option to choose FREE shipping to the store.

And now for the PRIZE part: Want to win a free calendar? Just leave a comment on this post giving the name of your favorite product from the Stories by Everyone webiste. We’re participating in a contest sponsored by Stories by Everyone. The store whose blog with the most comments  will be chosen to give away a brand new calendar. Stories By Everyone will choose the three blogs with the most comments. If our blog wins, we will choose a winner at random. Just remember, you can only pot once! So tell everyone you know and ask them to pass this message on to everyone THEY know!


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4 Responses to “Easy Gift-Giving, and a Prize!”

  1. Kathy H Says:

    Very good gift idea. Practical yet creative gift.

  2. Holly Says:

    I love the calendar idea!! Love the blog and just found it-I plan to visit the store very soon…..


  3. Candice S Says:

    I totally love the “I Wish” project. That seems so fitting for me, as “I wish” so many great things for those whom I love!

    Good luck! I hope your store wins! I’ll send an email blast to ALL of my scrappin friends telling them to come to your blog!!

  4. Suzanne Russell Says:

    I really like the online tutorial help. It’s really helpful for beginners. In fact, I think the entire website would be helpful for beginners and experts in scrapbooking.

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