Home Decor with Houston – Noel- Decorative Letters


Happy Holiday Season, I can say that because we are now in the second week of November and let’s face it Christmas decor is everywhere already!  A huge trend over the past few years has been to put letters in our home decor, sometimes it’s just your initial other times you may spell a name or meaningful word.  Well I think that we should bring some of this into our holiday decorations too! 


These letters began as unfinished pressed wood from Kaiser Craft.  We have them in the store, but just make sure to hurry in, Kaiser is no longer making these so when they are gone we won’t be able to restock!

Supplies you will need:

4 to 6 – unfinished  letters

2- sheets of paper 12″x12″ – I used some of the beautiful new Cosmo Cricket Oh Joy! line

Ranger Paint Dabber or Acrylic Paint

Foam brush

Mog Podge or Pioneer Glue Stick



Basic Grey File Set

Tim Holtz Distress Ink

Small eyeshadow applicator for inking the edges

Embellishments of your choice

Begin by tracing the letters onto the patterned paper, I do mine with the paper upside down and the letter upside down so I am sure not to get any pencil marks on the finished project.  Cut out your letters.

Next paint the sides and the backs of the letters.  It is really easy to do with the Paint Dabber because it already has a foam brush in the top!  I always do two coats for even coverage. Let dry.

Now apply you adhesive to the front of the unfinished letter in an even coat and place the paper letter on top, smooth with your hands or a brayer to get out any air bubbles.  Don’t worry if your paper is too large we will be sanding of any excess with the file set. 

Okay now sand your letters!

Now is the fun part embellish them in any way that you like!

Joyeux Noel,



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One Response to “Home Decor with Houston – Noel- Decorative Letters”

  1. rachel carlson Says:

    houston, this is FANTASTIC!

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