Handmade Gifts with Houston


Hi Crafty People,

I thought that for the next little bit we shall do not only Home Decor items but some cute ideas for Handmade Gifts!  Christmas is coming up, the economy is down and now is the time to dig into that fabulous stash of supplies you have and alter a few new items for your friends and family this holiday season!


The first project I am going to share with you is this super cute clock…. we have these unfinished in the store and truly they are a snap to complete, it is a wonderful handmade gift that you can do in just one hour! 

Supplies needed:

Unfinished clock from Kaiser Craft


Paint brushes

Mog Podge or other glue

2- 3.5×3.5″ cardstock squares, agedif you like

3×3″ Patterned paper square (mine is from the front of a Cosmo Cricket paper pack)

3×3″ Photo

Favorite Quote

Inkjet printer

repositionable adhesive

permanent adhesive

glossy accents or wood glue

AA battery


To begin you want to take the squares out of the frame holes in the front piece of the clock, now file down and remaing bumps.  Save these pieces they are the feet for the clock to stand on! 

Next paint it all up in your choice of colors.  I painted mine with a dark chocolate paint and left intentional brush strokes to mimic wood grain for that retro kitsch look.

Once the clock is dry coat it with Mog Podge to protect it from scratches.

Now it’s time to pick a fun quote for the inside.  Mine happens to be a favorite that I thought went well with the clock theme.  To make it fit nicely in your square open a word processing program on your computer and insert a text box onto the page.  Make the box 2.5×2.5″ and then write out your text, centering it and playing around with the font and color until they are how you like them to be.  Now make a test print of your quote.  Once you are happy with it hold you paper up to a window and place your pp square centered over the text with repositionable adhesive.  Now just run it through the printer again and voila your quote is ready to frame!

Now that your frame is dry glue your cardstock to the back piece behind the frame openings.  Let dry.

Now place small dots of Glossy Accents or wood glue around the edge of the back piece and place your front piece on top, weigh this down with some heavy books while it dries.

Okay all dry now?  Good now is the fun part where you glue your quote and photo into the frame through the front openings!  Now atattch the clock pieces and wrap!


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