Cornish Heritage Farms Stampblocks


When I was at CHA this past July, I had the opportunity to stop in at the Cornish Heritage Farms booth. I got the grand tour and was really impressed at the stamps this company is producing, they have something for everyone. One of the products that I found intriguing was a block of rubber with a funny looking design on it. It looks like this:

It doesn’t look like much does it? I thought it would probably be quite a mess actually. This is what the packaging said it would end up looking like:

I loved that vintage look, so I was happy this past month, at ScrapPink, that Becky Olson was here as a representative of the company and we got to try out this particular stamp. My first impression of the stamp was very wrong. It isn’t a mess at all, it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. And being that I like to try different types of stamping medium out lately, I thought I’d give you an example of what this stamp looks like using different inks and paint. I was impressed with just how different the same stamp could look, I think I’ll be using this particular stamp a lot! It’s a 6×6 block of rubber mounted on foam, you can use the block made for the stamp by CHF, or it works pretty well just pressing down firmly with your fingers. You can use it to create backgrounds for your cards or scrapbook pages. You could use it to make journaling spots as well. When Becky taught us, she used manilla office tags and just used a portion of the stamp. The effect was very cool. So here are some different looks. Mary Kay has quite a few different patterns in, and I know she’s got all the stamp pads and paint dabbers.


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One Response to “Cornish Heritage Farms Stampblocks”

  1. Terry Wise Says:

    It was great that you took the time to demonstrate the different looks of the stamps using different ink mediums. I personally always get confused on which ink medium to use and what does what (ie pigment ink takes time to dry, etc).

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