The merits of the “5 W’s”


Have you ever found one of those old sepia toned pictures in your grandmother’s closet and wondered… Who is this? What were they doing there? When and where was this taken? Why did the photographer want to capture this moment? I definitely have. And isn’t this why we scrapbook? (Well…one of the reasons anyway. *wink*) I took these five questions to heart when I scrapped these photos.

Can you imagine if my grandkids found pictures of FEET without any explanation?!?! I am certain their reactions would be priceless, but I thought I would take all the guesswork out of it for them. haha!

Of course, answering the questions like that on every page would get a little old. I could have just as easily written my journlaing like this: “My first trip to California. February 9th, 2008. I’ve never really wanted to go there, but a few really great friends convinced me to go with them. I, in turn, convinced one of them to take me to the Pacific Ocean, as it may be the only time I ever get to go there. We got there a little late and it was quite dark, but I *had* to take pictures of my feet in the ocean. Just to say I did it that once.”

Happy journaling everyone!!


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One Response to “The merits of the “5 W’s””

  1. Lawrenbc Says:

    heather, I LOVE this layout!!!!

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