Puppy on a chain


If your daughter is anything like mine, she loves to dress up and have pretty jewerly to wear. Wouldn’t it be great if she could design her own? Well, she can! We are going to be making our own necklaces today! All you need are a few things, and you are ready to go. This craft is for ages 7 and up.

You will need…

  • Plain and patterned paper- scraps will work just fine.
  • Tim Holtz charm fragments- available at the best lss in Denver – Scrapbook Destination!
  • Glossy Accents
  • Scissors
  • Jump Ring
  • Leather

Bailey decided that she wanted to stamp an image to color in for the front of her charm necklace. We chose a light brown paper and I stamped a puppy, which she then colored in with water colored pencils. You can also choose paper that you like and just work with the given patterns, that is the beauty of this project. Your child can design it exactly the way they want it! After she colored it in, I used a paint brush and some water to smooth out her design. 

 After it dried, I used the glossy accents and covered the design all over. I used a little too much on mine here, but it turned out okay because of the setting process. Bailey wanted a large round charm for her necklace, but you can choose from rectangles, ovals, circles and squares. After the glossy accents was down, I placed one large

circle charm over the puppy and pressed down hard making sure that the glue spread over the entire charm and that there was no air bubbles. Hold down for at least 10 seconds! This keeps the charm where you want it on the design as well as keeping air bubbles out. After the 10 seconds set to the side to dry further.

Repeat the process again for the backside of your necklace. As you can see, Bailey has a stamped image for the front and patterned paper for the back. After both have had a few minutes to dry, use a wet washcloth and gentle clean the edges around the charms of any excess glue. Then using your scissors cut the charms off of the papers.

Now you will use the glossy accents again to adhere the two charms together enclosing the papers inside your charm. Again you will need a thin layer of the accent and then press together and hold for at least 10 seconds. Make sure that the holes for your charms will be alined when it is dry. 

Next I used the wash cloth again to make sure the front of the charm and the edges were clean. We used a needle to punch through the holes in the charms and attached a jump ring. Attach it to the necklace of your choice and you are done!




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2 Responses to “Puppy on a chain”

  1. kim Says:

    very cute. How do you get the hole in the gragments, I’m worried they will crack?

  2. whales1 Says:

    Kim- Thanks! The great thing about those particular Tim Holtz Fragments is that they already have the holes!!! Makes things much easier, but if you have another kind, usually the crop-a-dile will work to make your holes.

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