Make your own paper!


Emily here.

When I was at ScrapPink last weekend, I had this idea. It was a result of going to lunch at Pei Wei and a layout plan that didn’t work. Some of you saw the beginnings of this process, but I thought it would be cool to show you the step my step.

I began with a chipboard shape from Maya Road.

I think these butterflies would be cool to use too.

I traced it onto plain kraft cardstock. I first tried it in pencil, but found the pen worked better for my end result:

Next I painted the individual tracings. Can I recommend the AdirondackĀ® Acrylic Paint Dabber by Ranger? I used many different brands of paint, just what I had, but the two blues were the Paint Dabbers and the coverage from them was so much better than the craft paint I used on the other leaves. I had to repaint the orange and yellow leaves twice to get the right look. So I’m sold on those Paint Dabbers. I just took off the lid and dipped my brush into the bottle. Multipurpose! And I’m pretty sure Mary Kay has a wide selection of colors, even better.

(image courtesy of Ranger Ink)

Now for the scary part: I took this gorgeous piece of paper, I’d spent a good hour on it already, and I took my Tonic Guillotine (my favorite cutter ever), and cut it into strips.

And then I cut it into strips AGAIN!

Finally, I inked all the edges and arranged them on a second sheet of kraft, gluing each one down once I was happy with the design. I think it looks really cool. Now I have to figure out what to do with it, I don’t want to cover it up! Maybe I should just frame it!

It was a really easy project, it took about an hour and a half, but I feel like it was very worth it.


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