Stepping outside of your journaling “box”


I know I have mentioned the Journaler’s Junction blog here before, but I wanted to take this time to give a little shout out to our inspiring ladies over there. We are celebrating TWO YEARS of journaling fun!! We have been taking the last few weeks to go back and revisit all of the challenges a few at a time. Check it out and join in all of the fun with us!

Participating in the challenges has really helped me to step out of my literal and figurative journaling box. My most recent example is this one about my 11th wedding anniversary. My first idea was to journal about our date night. What we did, where we went. You know, the usual. My journaling took a turn with the challenge to journal with numbers. I used a journaling sticker as a giant photo corner to anchor the picture of the two of us and journaled about the things in our relationship that I could count.

Journaling strips are a great way to break out of a box of journaling. You can still get the structure of a ‘block’ of journaling, but you can offset each strip to give your page a more playful look.

And who said those strips had to be long… This challenge from our blog was to only use one word per strip. The line of journaling going down the page draws the viewer’s eye straight down the line of pumpkin patch pictures.

There are so many new and fun journaling shapes these days! This was my first attempt at using the Jenni Bowlin journaling cards. I cut it in half and inked it up to match the distressed look of the Basic Grey papers.

And if you can’t find the exact shape you want…make it yourself!! For this page, I cut out an oval from white cardstock. I mounted the white on some black cardstock and used deco scissors (a scallop) to cut a thin border around the journaling. Easy as pie!

So tell me…what is your favorite way to step out of your journaling box??



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