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Cornish Heritage Farms Stampblocks

October 30, 2008

When I was at CHA this past July, I had the opportunity to stop in at the Cornish Heritage Farms booth. I got the grand tour and was really impressed at the stamps this company is producing, they have something for everyone. One of the products that I found intriguing was a block of rubber with a funny looking design on it. It looks like this:

It doesn’t look like much does it? I thought it would probably be quite a mess actually. This is what the packaging said it would end up looking like:

I loved that vintage look, so I was happy this past month, at ScrapPink, that Becky Olson was here as a representative of the company and we got to try out this particular stamp. My first impression of the stamp was very wrong. It isn’t a mess at all, it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. And being that I like to try different types of stamping medium out lately, I thought I’d give you an example of what this stamp looks like using different inks and paint. I was impressed with just how different the same stamp could look, I think I’ll be using this particular stamp a lot! It’s a 6×6 block of rubber mounted on foam, you can use the block made for the stamp by CHF, or it works pretty well just pressing down firmly with your fingers. You can use it to create backgrounds for your cards or scrapbook pages. You could use it to make journaling spots as well. When Becky taught us, she used manilla office tags and just used a portion of the stamp. The effect was very cool. So here are some different looks. Mary Kay has quite a few different patterns in, and I know she’s got all the stamp pads and paint dabbers.


How will YOU ‘Slice’ it!?

October 29, 2008

It’s here, it’s FINALLY here!

The Making Memories Slice, a portable, cordless, digital design cutter. Just add a design card and you’re ready to go. Small and portable making it easy to take it on-the-go, to a friend’s house or a crop. You’ll be the coolest person on the block!

We currently have two of the design cards in the store: Animal Crackers and Basics 2 with more on the way. The machine comes with the Basics 1 design card.

If you haven’t seen it, please visit the store ASAP before they sell out. The Slice demo will be on Saturday, November 8th between 10am – 4pm. And while supplies last, we are throwing in a fantastic Making Memories apron with your purchase!

Creative cheers,


Quick Halloween Treat Bags

October 28, 2008

Need a quick way to spruce up some treats this Halloween?  Try these super cute bags adapted from the Martha Stewart Show.

Supplies needed:

Paper lunch bags

Crop-a-Dile or Big Bite

Circle Cutter or Large Circle punch (2 3/4″)

1 piece of Bazzill (I used Glow)

Black Grosgrain Ribbon

BOO stamp (you can just use letter stamps for this)

Black Ink and Amber Clay Chalk Ink



Start by stamping BOO onto the bottom left hand side of the front of the bag.  You can also stamp a greeting and to and from label on the back of the bag!  Make sure to do all your stamping before you fill the bags.

Next cut out and ink your yellow harvest moon with the Chalk Ink. 

Now fold over the top of your bag and attatch your moon to the top right hand corner of the front of the bag near the fold.

Turn the bag over and punch two sets of holes about 1/4″ apart these will be the beginning of our bats and what keeps the bag closed!

Fill the bag with treats!

Now thread your ribbon through the holes and tie in the front. Trim the ends of the ribbon at an angle to look like the wings of a bat!  Voila, quick and simple Halloween Treat Bags!

Happy Halloween,


PSE 101: Blurring a Background

October 27, 2008

If you have a fancy camera and know how to use it, you can get amazing depth-of-field effects on your photos. You know the ones– the subject is in crisp focus, and the background is out of focus, bringing the eye to just what you want it to see? Well, even if you DON’T have a fancy camera (or don’t know how to use it), you can get that same effect in PSE.

First, open a photo that you’d like to blur the background of, and duplicate the photo by right-clicking on the layer in the layer pallette, and choosing “Duplicate Layer.”

Next, blur the TOP layer by selecting the layer, then going to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur.

You might want to decrease the magnification so you can see part of what will be the background, and then adjust the blur until it suits you.

Then you’ll need to erase your subjects. Yes, erase your subjects! Choose the erase tool, and adjust the size of your brush to the best size for your subject.

It may help to make the bottom layer invisible (by clicking on the eye icon next to the layer), so that you can see more clearly what you have and have not erased.

When you’re all done, turn on the bottom layer, and merge the layers. Fake depth of field!

Sunday Sketch

October 26, 2008

Sketches don’t have to be limited to layouts, they’re also great for card making.  I thought since my fellow Scrapbook Destination elves and I are so busy getting ready for the next frenzy, it would be the perfect time for a card sketch.

With a large circle, this sketch could be perfect for just about any occasion, just fill the circle with a stamp or sentiment and you’re good to go. Since the frenzy is all about getting started on holiday cards, I used the sketch for just that.

I used my favorite Quickutz snowflake and a little glitter to make it perfect for any winter holiday.  You can make this card and several others(including one more based on this sketch) at the frenzy next Saturday.  See you there!

Personal banker…

October 25, 2008

With the way things on Wall Street and in the banking sector, you may wish to go back to the old fashioned kind of banking. Here is a cute project that will help your children design their very own bank so that they can start saving.

You will need:

  • a small shoebox or cardboard box
  • box cutter
  • patterned paper- 2 12 x 12 sheets
  • coordinating soild colors
  • glue stick
  • ribbon
  • Tim Holtz charm or another kind of hanging decoration

Begin with taping your box closed with packing tape. A parent should make the slit in the top of the cardboard box and a possible escape hatch in the back or bottom where the money can be extracted. Next you will use your 12 x 12 patterned paper to “wrap” the box like a present making sure to adhere to the cardboard box with glue stick. Our box was a little too long to cover the ends and so after folding the edges in and taping we cut another piece to use to cover the ends.

After the box is completely covered, an adult should go back with the box cutter and cut through the paper to match the previous cut made in the cardboard box. Measure your hole and cut a coordinating paper slightly larger than the length and width of the hole. Using a ruler to make sure your lines are straight, but another two slits in the coordinating paper the length of the hole and slightly apart. Make one angled slit across to cut the center. Fold the two tabs back. This will add some strength to the edges of the opening. Adhere the paper to the top of the box over the opening and pushing the two tabs down into opening.

Using stickers, die cuts or however you wish, make a name plate for the front of your bank. Bailey chose to have the word “Bank” in die cuts. Using another coordinating paper make a strip that encircles the box on all sides. Make sure your strip is slightly larger than the name plate. Before gluing the strip completely down we added a length of ribbon under the strip so that we could attach a charm next to the name plate. Glue your strip all the way around your bank and then adhere the name plate to the front of your bank.

We created a charm the same way we did last week using only one fragment this time. When it was completely dry we attached it to the ribbon and tied a bow. (If you need to see the directions search the blog for the “puppy on a chain” entry.)

Ta-Da you have your own personal bank.


Tara and Bailey

This entry was inspired by a project from Paper Crafting with Kids magazine.

Holiday CARD Frenzy

October 24, 2008

We are getting ready for our fun holiday card frenzy, on the 1st of November. Come anytime between 10:00am-1:00pm then grab a bite to eat and come back from 1:30-4:30pm. We will have at least a dozen different cards for you to make as well as a few other projects. Cards are only a $1 to a $1.50 and gift make-n-takes are slightly more. So come have fun with us while getting some of your holiday cards finished. If you stop in the store soon we will have some samples of the cards we will be making next Saturday. You won’t want to miss out. Hope to you see there!

The merits of the “5 W’s”

October 23, 2008

Have you ever found one of those old sepia toned pictures in your grandmother’s closet and wondered… Who is this? What were they doing there? When and where was this taken? Why did the photographer want to capture this moment? I definitely have. And isn’t this why we scrapbook? (Well…one of the reasons anyway. *wink*) I took these five questions to heart when I scrapped these photos.

Can you imagine if my grandkids found pictures of FEET without any explanation?!?! I am certain their reactions would be priceless, but I thought I would take all the guesswork out of it for them. haha!

Of course, answering the questions like that on every page would get a little old. I could have just as easily written my journlaing like this: “My first trip to California. February 9th, 2008. I’ve never really wanted to go there, but a few really great friends convinced me to go with them. I, in turn, convinced one of them to take me to the Pacific Ocean, as it may be the only time I ever get to go there. We got there a little late and it was quite dark, but I *had* to take pictures of my feet in the ocean. Just to say I did it that once.”

Happy journaling everyone!!

PSE 101: Spot Color on a B&W photo

October 20, 2008

Ever want to make something really stand out in your photo? Perhaps there’s a crowd, and you want to focus on a particular person. Or maybe, in a busy image, you want to draw attention to just one object. Follow the steps below to easily make one person or item stand out in color on a black & white background.

First, open your photo, and duplicate the layer (Layer>Duplicate Layer).

Then we’ll turn that top layer black and white. Go to Enhance >Convert to Black and White. You’ll get a screen where you can experiment with various settings until you’re happy with the black & white image.

Then choose the Eraser tool on the left, make sure your top, black & white, layer on the right is selected, and zoom in on the person or item you want to highlight.

Set the brush size, at the top, to a proper size for your image, and carefully erase the black & white image of the person or object you’re spotlighting. The color beneath will show through.

When you’re finished, Merge Layers and there you have it: a spot-colored photograph.

Puppy on a chain

October 18, 2008

If your daughter is anything like mine, she loves to dress up and have pretty jewerly to wear. Wouldn’t it be great if she could design her own? Well, she can! We are going to be making our own necklaces today! All you need are a few things, and you are ready to go. This craft is for ages 7 and up.

You will need…

  • Plain and patterned paper- scraps will work just fine.
  • Tim Holtz charm fragments- available at the best lss in Denver – Scrapbook Destination!
  • Glossy Accents
  • Scissors
  • Jump Ring
  • Leather

Bailey decided that she wanted to stamp an image to color in for the front of her charm necklace. We chose a light brown paper and I stamped a puppy, which she then colored in with water colored pencils. You can also choose paper that you like and just work with the given patterns, that is the beauty of this project. Your child can design it exactly the way they want it! After she colored it in, I used a paint brush and some water to smooth out her design. 

 After it dried, I used the glossy accents and covered the design all over. I used a little too much on mine here, but it turned out okay because of the setting process. Bailey wanted a large round charm for her necklace, but you can choose from rectangles, ovals, circles and squares. After the glossy accents was down, I placed one large

circle charm over the puppy and pressed down hard making sure that the glue spread over the entire charm and that there was no air bubbles. Hold down for at least 10 seconds! This keeps the charm where you want it on the design as well as keeping air bubbles out. After the 10 seconds set to the side to dry further.

Repeat the process again for the backside of your necklace. As you can see, Bailey has a stamped image for the front and patterned paper for the back. After both have had a few minutes to dry, use a wet washcloth and gentle clean the edges around the charms of any excess glue. Then using your scissors cut the charms off of the papers.

Now you will use the glossy accents again to adhere the two charms together enclosing the papers inside your charm. Again you will need a thin layer of the accent and then press together and hold for at least 10 seconds. Make sure that the holes for your charms will be alined when it is dry. 

Next I used the wash cloth again to make sure the front of the charm and the edges were clean. We used a needle to punch through the holes in the charms and attached a jump ring. Attach it to the necklace of your choice and you are done!