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This week’s craft is a great one for those little people that love to write. A first grader or up could make this craft, but it would be a fun thing to add to any little one’s play area. Just think of the possibilities… in a kitchen for menu writing or order taking, in a grocery store for list writing or letting you know what number order is up, playing school, as a score pad for board games or card games, notes on a bedroom door, etc…

For this project you will need:

  • Stampendous’s Clipboard Combo (3 piece set)
  • patterned paper
  • coordinating solid paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • paper files
  • craft wire
  • pencil
  • ribbon in coordinating colors (I used three different ones)
  • scrap paper for note taking

 Begin by taking one of the clipboards out and remove the clip. Turn your patterned paper over and trace the clipboard on the back of the pattern you wish to see. Trace the clipboard again, but this time on the coordinating solid color. Cut both out. Using your glue stick, adhere the papers to the front and back of the clipboard. Use your scissors to trim around the edges to create a clean edge.

Your final touch will be to file the edges of your paper into the chipboard. I often use this method when working with chipboard as I feel that it helps the paper, glue and chipboard all

become one piece and, hopefully, be less likely to pull away from each other later. Using your file on one of the clipboard sides, file in a downward motion pushing the paper into the edge of the chipboard. Continue all the way around and then turn the clipboard over and continue on the opposite side.

 Now you will cut off a long piece of the craft wire. On the largest of the clipboards, I chose to punch holes in the outside corners instead of relying on the clip for the wire. I wound the ends of the wire around a pencil to create a loopy look to each of the ends. All you have to do is wrap the wire around the pencil and then slide it off. Then I pressed down on the loops for a flat look. With the 2 smaller boards, Bailey chose to make the entire wire loopy and then we pulled it out to elongate the wire and then flattened it. She also chose to have the wire directly attached to her clip as you can see here. When you attach the wire to the clipboard, just make sure that all the ends are tucked in safely. I used some pliers and after attaching it I pressed the ends in and then ran my fingers over the edges to make sure it was smooth.

All you have left is adding those cute ribbons to the wire. I chose to have lots and lots of little ties all across the top of mine, but Bailey chose to only have three on each of the smaller clipboards. It is all up to you and what your preference is.

Add some scrap papers and enjoy! Bailey is using hers to play school right now!

Happy Crafting!







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