When you are too busy…


What do you do when your plate gets so full and you forget to do a couple of things? You buy yourself a planner. Or in this case, you buy a notebook with a plain kraft cover (I got mine from Staples).

You want to make it cute so you go to your word processing program or your photo editing program and pick a phrase you’d like to use on the front. Pick something that motivates you. Enter the text into a text box that is just a little bit smaller than the notebook cover, play with the text, make sure it all fits. Print it off and then carefully attach with removeable tape to the front of your notebook cover. Once it’s attached, take a pen and trace the outside of the letters. You’ll have to press really hard, but as you are tracing, you’ll be “debossing” the letters onto the cover your notebook. Make sure you trace ALL the letters, or you’ll be running into some issues later on :)…

When you have traced your phrase, carefully remove the paper. If you’ve pressed hard enough, you’ll be able to see your indentation pretty easily. Pick some paint colors and a small brush and start painting your letters, it’s OK if you don’t get it perfect, that adds to the charm. I left some of my letters unpainted for a cool effect. Once the paint is really dry, you can outline with a pen. I then used some Glossy Accents/Diamond Glaze and covered each letter, it makes for a neat effect, kind of like bubble letters only tougher. Let that dry, don’t touch it! You can add more accents, like the butterfly and the extra stamps, or you can just leave it be. This is what you come up with, pretty cute huh? You will want to use it to become organized. The only thing left to start writing in it. Something I forgot to do and that’s why this post is late. I apologize for that.

I will be donating a similar notebook for ScrapPink’s auction this coming weekend. Now you know how to make it, but if you bid on it, you won’t have to!

Oh, and I need to write that down!



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