An apple a day…


Here is a cute little craft that will score big points with the teacher in your life… and I know because I am a teacher! With a little help even the littlest crafters can make this project with you!

 For this project you will need:

  •   Cardboard, or even regular paper will work. It just won’t be as solid.
  •   Red, green and maybe even brown paper scraps (patterned or solid)
  •   glue stick
  •   scissors
  •   brown paint for the stem (we used crackle paint)

Start by creating an apple pattern on the cardboard. Create an apple, a stem. and a leaf and cut them out.

If you are going to be painting your stem, do it first so it has plenty of time to dry.

Next cut one inch strips from your red papers, then cut those strips into one inch squares. You will need quite a few squares of lots of different reds to create the mosaic look.

Place the cardboard apple in front of you. Using one square at a time, apply glue to the square and place randomly all over your apple. Remember to overlap often and go over the edges. We will clean up the look later. Cover your apple completely. Set to the side to dry.

Next cut your green papers up into one inch squares. Keep in mind that you will not need as many, but you should have at least a few different, but coordinating, papers. Use the same technique you used with the apple to cover the cardboard leaf with the green papers. Remember to cover completely, and don’t worry about the edges.  Set it aside to dry.

When all your pieces are dry, you can begin cleaning up the edges. Hold your covered apple in one hand and using your scissors go around the edges and trim off any of the papers that overhang. Do the same with the apple and the stem (if you chose to use paper on your stem).

Heavily apply glue to the front of the bottom of the stem and adhere to the top back of your apple. Heavily apply glue to the back of bottom of your leaf and adhere to the top front of your apple. Put project aside to allow time for the glue to dry completely.

Enjoy your apple and giving your teacher a great day! You might even score some brownie points. 😉





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