Note Keeper


This week we are going to be making a cute pencil shaped note keeper. You can use this as a gift or keep it close by in order to jot down a quick note or two. This craft is great for 6 years and up.

Things you will need…

  • a business size envelope
  • scrap papers in 5 different colors (maybe yellow, black, grey, pink, and a neutral)
  • scallop punch or corner rounder
  • ruler
  • gel pen or thin tipped sharpie
  • adhesive, scissors
  • Scrap paper stapled together in a pad and pencils to insert into holder

Take your business size envelope and seal it shut. Fold two corners from one end of the envelope back to make a point and glue down. Use your corner rounder to round out the corners of the other end of the envelope, then use your scissor to run down the edge and complete the opening.

Use your neutral color for the tip of the pencil. I laid the envelope on top of the neutral color and traced to the end of the triangle. Cut out your traced triangle and adhere to the end of the envelope.

Place the opposite end of the envelope over your pink scrap and trace for your eraser end. Cut out your traced shape and adhere to the envelope.

Cut a little piece out of your black scraps for the lead on your pencil and adhere over the neutral triangle.

Trace the body of your pencil by placing your envelope over the color you wish your pencil to be. We did ours in blue as you can see. Cut out the rectangle of color. You can then use a scallop cutter or your corner rounder to make the scalloped end. To use the the corner rounder, take the guard off the bottom of your cutter and aline the end of your paper with the cut. Punch and then move the rounder to the next position and punch again. Continue to do so all the way across the paper. I ended up with four scallops.

Adhere your pencil body down with the scallops toward the neutral paper. Make sure that no envelope shows under your scallops.

Use your ruler to make lines down from the scallop corners down the length of the pencil body. I made my marks with pencil to make sure they were straight and where I wanted them to be and then traced over them with the black gel pen.

Finally, using your grey scraps cut a rectangle to go over the pencil color and pencil eraser papers and adhere.

Add any additional marking you would like to make your pencil more realistic. Is it a no. 2 pencil? Is it made my a certain company? Is it your personalize pencil?

Add your pencils or pens and your scrap note pad to the inside and you’re done!




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