Home Decor With Houston – Photo Canvases


It’s finally beginning to feel like fall outside!  When the weather becomes cooler I always want to bring more warm colors into my home decor.  I switch accesories out by season, including my cherished family photos. This canvas is on display in my living room, reminding me of some our favorite fall memories.

Supplies you will need:

  • 2 8×8 canvases
  • acrylic paint of your choice
  • 2 foam paint brushes, about 1″ wide
  • MogPodge
  • Super Tape
  • Tape n’ Roller Plus Permanent (This adhesive really holds tightly, just remember it’s not forgiving so you only get one chance to place your item!)
  • 2 small hinges ( you can get these at your local Ace)
  • 1 piece of patterned paper with a small print such as words.  Cut this into two 8″x 5 1/2″ pieces, tear 1/2″ off an 8″ side to reveal a ragged edge perfect for inking!
  • 3 strips of a coordinating patterned paper cut to 1.25″ x 12″ , distress the edges of these for a more shabby chic look!
  • 1 yard of crocheted trim
  • 1 yard of gathered ribbon
  • Embellishments of your choosing ( I cut flowers from the new Scenic Route Sonoma line )
  • Vintage Photo Distress Ink by Ranger
  • Ink Blending Tool by Tim Holtz for Ranger
  • Several Sepia toned photos of your loved ones

Begin by painting your canvases the base color of your choosing.   Set those aside to dry.  Next cover your work surface with a nonstick mat or nonstick tin foil (my choice) and begin inking the edges of your background paper with the blending tool.  The best method for this is to work in a circular motion starting off the edge of the paper and bring the blending tool towards the paper, this helps to stop the dreadful “rectangle” stamping from happening.  Ink the paper until you are happy with the look.  Repeat this with all the papers you plan to use to give everything that warm and worn look.  I also used an eyeshadow sponge to ink the edges of the flower petals.  You will get messy, remember that is part of the fun!

Once your canvases are dry place them face to face and put a strong rubber band around them, now position your hinges and nail them into place.  Next you want to coat the background pieces of patterned paper with MogPodge and adhere into place on the bottom portion of your canvases, smooth out all airbubbles with your hands or a brayer.  Let the paper dry while you work on the next step of embellishment . . . pleated paper “ribbon”.

You will love this look, it looks like pleated ribbon, but it’s really paper!  Using the 1.25″ strips of paper begin by scoring them at 1″, 1.5″, 2.5″, 3″ and so on, now you are ready to fold back and forth along your score marks to create your pleat.  Attach all three sections together to form one long pleated strip.  ( Adhere this to your project using Super Tape, making sure to stick all sections of the pleats down to the tape.  I put my crocheted trim down first and then added the pleated paper on top of that, by putting my Super Tape down on top of the trim. )

Once your paper has dried to the canvas you can begin to embellish them in anyway that you would like.  Remember, this is just like a scrapbook page, you are preserving memories and sharing them with those you love! 

Happy Almost Autumn,



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