Desktop cutie!


This week we are doing another craft from Paper Crafting with Kids magazine from Papercrafts. It is called the Button Beauty Bouquet and is a great gift for teachers, grandmas or neighbors! This craft is great for grade school children and up.

Supplies that you will need…

  • assorted buttons, felt flowers, paper flowers (I used Making Memories Blossoms and Buttons kit. It includes all these in varies sizes and coordinating colors.)
  • artistic wire
  • glass vase
  • decorative paper strip
  • ribbon
  • Supertape

Begin by dumping out all your assorted buttons and flowers in front of you. Cut off a 36″ piece of artistic wire and string a small button on and move it to the middle of the wire. Use the other end of the wire and thread it back through another hole in the button. This will be the top of your flower stem. Your button should now be at the top of the wire with the two ends of wire matching.

Thread a medium and large button or flowers onto the two stems and twist the two ends of the wire around each other for about an inch. Thread another small, medium and large buttons or flowers on the wires and twist for another inch. Add your last set of small, medium and large, then twist the wires together all the way to the bottom. I ended up twisting the bottoms back up onto the “stem” to add strength to the stem as well as making the wires the right size for the vase.

Continue making stems until you are satisfied with how your vase is filled out. We made five stems for ours.

When you are done making stems and have added them to your vase. Cut your paper long enough to wrap around your vase and use supertape to adhere it to the vase. Use your ribbon to wrap around the paper and make a bow. I put a zot under the bow just to make sure the ribbon stays in place.


Happy Craftin’!



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One Response to “Desktop cutie!”

  1. Angel Says:

    I know those kids. Nona LOVED her button bouquet for her birthday, it was the hit of the party. Carmen wanted to know how it was made she wants to do it at the Senior Citizen Center as a craft. I will give her the web site address.

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