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Heather mentioned the Journaler’s Junction challenge blog a while back and it got me thinking about the value of challenge blogs. They are wonderful ways to get your creative juices flowing if you’ve come to a standstill. Most of them have amazingly talented teams of designers that show you how they interpreted the challenge to give you a jumping off point.  I thought I’d give you a list of some of the ones I’ve used in the past. And I’ll share a layout I did using the beautiful new Sonoma line from Scenic Route, based on one of these challenges.

How Much is too Much?
Based on the idea that we scrapbookers have plenty of supplies and it really is OK if we use them. This every other week challenge is posted every Monday and challenges you to use up your stash. One layout I did had me use at least 100 brads. I traced a large flower with the brads, and ended up with a really cool layout. It’s not something I would have done on my own, because I might NEED those brads you know.

Scrap Your Crap
Another blog of the same idea, but they don’t have a set requirement on how many to use. I just found this blog through some friends. It looks like a lot of fun. 

I Inspire Me
The concept is this, you have things around you that can inspire you so go find them and be inspired. They use jewelry, stationary, cards, patterns on clothing, you get the point. It’s a very cool idea and the inspiration pieces they share are truly amazing. 

Color Combos Galore
This blog uses a guest challenger every week that picks a color palette to use. It’s amazing how different the layouts end up, even with the same starting point of color.

Scrapping to the Music 
I love the idea of this challenge blog. I have to admit I’ve never played with them, but I think I might be doing this soon. They pick a song and you can use any part of that song for your inspiration. They have a video with the song of the week for you to listen to and a great team of designers that show you how they’ve been inspired by the particular song.

Method Playground
I freely admit that I’m challenged by this particular blog, but I’ve always LOVED the results I get from the layouts I do from their challenges. They pick a method like painting or using transparencies and you have to come up with a layout. I love seeing what their designers come up with, it’s always so inspiring!

One Little Word
Just what it sounds like. One team member picks a word and you have 2 weeks to work on creating  a layout based on that word. They get some beautiful pages from this challenges. I’ve never actually played, but I do think about it often.

Sketch This
A weekly challenge using a sketch by Janelle Richmond, the designers do both layouts AND cards, something I could really benefit from! You just take the basic sketch and work with it to create your next layout. How easy can it be?

The Design eXperiment
This challenge blog is fairly new, but they are doing great things. They ask a question, you take it from there.

Scrap Faith
A challenge to scrap about what you believe, whether you are religious or not. Pretty deep and probing topics, they get to the heart of your faith. 

Fun concept, they pick an artist and a layout, you get to scraplift.  

The Dares
I don’t really know how to describe these challenges, but they always make me think. Check them out. 

Now by no means is this list comprehensive. I did a little web surfing, asked some of my friends who are regular challenge players, and did some research to find these, but I hope it’s given you a bunch of jumping off points for any kind of scrapping you’d like to do. Please post and let me know what you think of this list, and share your favorites with us as well. 

I’m doing a layout based on one of these blogs, I’ll post it this evening.



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