Technique Friday


With the Stamping Bellas coming tomorrow Aug 2 from 1-5pm.! I thought this technique would be perfect with the Bellas.


A stamp that has some good space to color in.
Staz-on ink any color
Water color pencils
A small cup with water
Some pattern paper
A card or layout to add your finished piece to.

Stamp image with Staz-on. Staz-on is a solvent ink and will not run when water or other inks are applied over it. 

Next dip the tip of the colored pencil into the water. (no brushes need with this technique) . Becareful not to sharpen your pencil while they are wet. Make sure to sharpen them first. 

Then gently start to color in your image. This technique gives you rich smooth color. Keep dipping and coloring until you like what you have

Sorry this photo is blurry. 

Using your patterned paper stamp the image again and cut out sections inside the lines. (I cut out the birthday cake.) this is very detailed cutting but if you have the patience it looks really great. 


I hope to see you all at the Bella Party. We have a lot more samples to see and make-n-takes using the Bellas. Enjoy your Friday!


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