A new October Afternoon line coming soon!


Not one, not two, not three, but four new lines are being released in the next few weeks to months from October Afternoon. The first, being shipped to stores in the next few weeks is called “Hometown.” It’s a fresh color combination with teal, black, navy blue, leaf green, and the very trendy yellow. The patterns are really unique as well, my favorite being a piece called “Norm’s News.” It’s a collection of various articles and ads from actual newspapers, made to look like a sheet from your daily paper. The best part? It looks like you’ve spilled your coffee on it!

Here’s the other papers in the line, A side is on the top, B on the bottom (I think).

I made a few projects for the October Afternoon booth at CHA, I’m not one to do much altering, but this line was begging to be mod podged, I couldn’t stop!

Look for this new line to be in the store soon, and stay tuned for the other three lines–Weathervane, Night Light, and Good Cheer.


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2 Responses to “A new October Afternoon line coming soon!”

  1. jennifer Says:

    Wow! these are just awesome! I need that paper bad!

  2. redoaklines Says:

    i totally LOVE this! and i agree, i need that paper bad too!


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