Sneek Peeks and Previews


So we’re headed off to CHA — the Craft & Hobby Association’s summer tradeshow– tomorrow. Houston & Christyn and Emily from the Design Team are going to help me order, do make-n-takes, and keep me on track. Houston keeps mumbling something about keeping me away from the Tinkering Ink booth… Anyway, we’re going to see acres and acres of new product, but many manufacturers have already released previews. I thought I’d share a few of those here, so you can tell us what you like best! And, by all means, if you’ve seen something else you can’t live without, leave me a comment and let me know. I’m going to do a CHA Show & Tell after I get back, so watch your e-mail for that. (And if you’re not signed up for our e-mail, go to our website via the link at the right and sign up!)

October Afternoon: Hometown

Here’s October Afternoon’s latest, called Hometown. We’re in LOVE with it! Click the image to check out more photos on Vivian’s blog, and follow her links to Emily’s blog, too.

Scenic Route: Sonoma

Cosmo Cricket: Mr. Campy

Scenic Route is one of our most popular lines, and they have several lines coming out. This one is my favorite, though– just check out those autumn-y colors! Click the image for more.

Cosmo Cricket has several new lines we love; this one is “Mr. Campy!” Check out the Halloween line, Haunted:

Cosmo Cricket: Haunted

There’s much, much more. I’m going to try to blog from Chicago, so stay tuned through the weekend!


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2 Responses to “Sneek Peeks and Previews”

  1. Marie Says:

    OMG, I love them ALL!!!!! I’d buy all 3 kits, seriously. ANYTHING cheerleading and I need wolves and bears, wolves and bears, wolves and bears…. Lots of colors of pre-scored cards are always handy…..hmmmm, what else? what else?…. well gee, can’t you just pack me in your suitcase? Ok, I guess I won’t fit…. can’t you just walk around with a webcam thingamajig strapped to your forehead? Well, I guess you’d look quite silly now wouldn’t you….. Ok, well then just let me know when all the great stuff is in, and I’ll come haulin’ down E-470 to get to you….. Ok, gotta go, too much coffee! Oh, one more thing…..wolves and bears….

  2. Pam Says:

    oooh I love all of those papers, especially the Scenic Route and Cosmo: Haunted. Need more Thickers….do they have anymore flavors??? hmmmm… I know whatever it is that you come back with I will surely need some of. Have a wonderful trip ladies!!!

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