The secret to super straight journaling lines.


We’ve all been there, right? Writing along on our page when we realize that the words are drifting somewhere off to the upper right hand corner. Argh! I’m going to show you how to make sure that your journaling stays exactly where you want it.

Here are your tools…a ruler, a pencil, your journaling pen, and an eraser.

First, you will need to find a straight line to which you will line up all of your other journaling lines. For my page, I used the edge of the cardstock. From this straight line, make marks at regular intervals. Move your ruler a little further down the paper and make marks at the same interval as the same set of marks. The theory here is that when you draw a line through the two marks, you will have a straight line. Clear as mud, right? This is so hard to explain without pictures… Here are my two sets of marks. My journaling was going to take up a big space, but you could do this with a smaller space, too. Just place your two sets of marks a little closer together.

Drawing the lines…

Now it’s time to write! But hold on to those pens…we’re not quite there yet. Take your pencil and a scrap piece of paper, or journaling notebook, or whatever you usually jot your ideas on and write a rough draft. (Didn’t you hate those words back in elementary school?) Use this rough draft to decide what you really want to say. Scratch out words, rewrite sentences, check your spelling…do all of this before you start writing on your page. Once you are happy with your journaling, start writing on your page…in PENCIL. This is the easy way to make sure that your journaling will fit in your space.

When you are happy with how your journaling looks, it’s time to get your pen! Write directly over your pencil lettering, and then (after giving it time to dry…so it doesn’t smudge) carefully erase all of the pencil marks.

Your final step…finish off your page with amazing pictures, papers, and embellishments!

Have fun journaling!


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