Holiday weekend greetings!


Hello from Jackson Wyoming where I am taking a short holiday vacation with my family. When I began to think about the craft for this week, I thought how can I continue while on vacation? Then I thought, why can’t I continue while on vacation, just incorporating things from the environment here! We are surrounded by gorgeous views, woods, animals, and lots of crafting materials.

I decided to do an oldie but goodie. Bailey and I headed out for a little hike into the woods to collect pinecones. We had our eyes out for a nice big one, but could only round up little ones. So we changed courses some. Instead of one large pinecone made into a birdfeeder, why not a stick with several little pinecones still attached?

We found what we were looking for and came back. Arming ourselves with creamy peanut butter, we slathered our pinecones making sure to get into the nooks and crannies as best as we could.

Next we dipped our covered cones into a birdseed covered plate. Roll it around and press firmly to make sure you have plenty of seeds attached.

Your bird feeder is ready to hang!

Enjoy your summer vacations, where ever they may take you and remember to keep craftin’!



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