Happy Fourth of July fun!!!


Today you are going to get two for the price of one! That’s right… two fun and easy projects to complete with your child to celebrate the upcoming Fourth holiday.

The ages will be preschool- 3rd grades. Although older children can add to these crafts to add levels of difficulty. We are going to be making a wreath and a Statue of Liberty crown.

Let’s start with the wreath… You will need…

  • A white paper plate or a white sheet of paper cut into a 9″ circle
  • red, white and blue paper
  • sticker stars or star brads
  • white craft glue, paper cutter, scissors
  • large paper clip

Start with cutting out 3 4-inch squares from each of the three colors of paper. Then fold the squares in half to make triangles.

Cut the center out of the paper plate or your white paper circle being careful not to cut the edges.

Next you will be adding the triangles around the wreath. I found that it was easiest to place the center point on the inside edge of the plate with the long edge heading right. The left point of the triangle will be hanging off the outside edge of the plate. The next triangle will be layered by matching the center point to the inside of the plate again, and now the right point will be lined up with the edge of the first triangle with the left point hanging off the outside edge again. Continue to layer the triangles all the way around the plate.

We layered first to make sure it would work before we started over, this time gluing them down.

When all the triangles are in place, you can add the sticker stars to all the middle points where the papers meet. I choose to use star brads instead.

Add the paper clip to one of the outside edges and hang from your door…. or use as a face adornment as Bailey has here. =)



For the Statue of Liberty Crown you will need…

  • 2 paper plates or 2- 9″ circles of paper
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • Ruler and pencil
  • gold paint and a paint brush if the paper plates are white

We used gold paper so that we did not have to mess with the paints. I started by cutting out two 9″ circles. Then we cut out the center of one leaving about 1 1/2″ rim and without cutting through the rim.

On the second circle you are going to mark where the center circle is on the first. Place the cut circle on top of the whole circle and make a few marks showing where the rim is. Place the circle with the inside cut out to the side.

On the complete circle use your ruler to draw a line through the middle of the circle up to the rim markings. You are going to continue to draw lines creating 8 equal pie sections.

Cutting through the outside rim, cut out one of the wedge pieces.

You will now cut along the other lines, but stopping where you have marked the rim.

Fold the points outward and place the first circle on top of the folds. Staple around the edge and place on your head. =)

Happy Fourth of July!



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