More Black Market Paper Society


A few weeks back, Vivian showed you her projects she created with the new papers from Black Market Paper Society. I want to show you mine now. I got to play with the Ebony & Alabaster, their all black and white line. Mary Kay handed me the pack of papers and said, “Please try and use the A side.” See, typically I prefer the B sides of paper, the backside of a two-sided piece of paper, the side that doesn’t have the bar code on it, it’s more often a quieter print. That side usually speaks to me, but with this line, I had a hard time choosing between the two sides. Both were very usable for this B sider.

I looked through the pack and happily concluded that this line would work well for a number of different types of designs. The first thing that came to mind was weddings, but add a few splashes of color and you’d have the perfect backdrop for a funky layout as well. I love finding a line that can be dressed up so many ways. My first project was the funky one. My new favorite thing to do is to hand cut scallops, they really add a fun touch to a page, without taking away from the pictures. I used a couple of the tags from the die cut page, and some jeweled brads to make this page about the 10K Heather and I participated in. See how the bright colors really pop against the black and white?

My next page I went a little more formal, hand cutting the picture’s frame out of a sheet. This paper is the easiest stuff to hand cut intricate designs from, it’s got an interesting texture, it’s thinner than cardstock, but the texture makes it so easy to cut and not rip small pieces off while cutting. I could get as intricate as I wanted on this frame. I added a strip of paper and “hung” the picture like it was in a gallery. It was fun to do.

My final project with this line did involve a wedding theme. It’s such an elegant line, you could use it for a wedding album. I added some glitter to another hand cut element just to give it some more texture. I used the die cut sheet again for the words “Always and Forever.”

I was pleasantly surprised with this new company’s product, I’ll definitely be looking forward to their next release.



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