Technique Friday


Wow its hard to believe it is already Friday again. The weeks seem to fly by. The technique for today is nothing new but so much fun. You can achieve many unique looks with using bleach. I mostly use this technique on cards since I don’t know what it will do to a layout over the years.

Supplies needed:

Colored card Stock
Something to apply the beach with. I used Q-tips.
Wear something old when doing this. (just in case)




  1. Choose the color of card stock you want. Test the bleach on strip just to see what the bleach is going to do. It looks totally different on dark colored paper. Here are a few of my tests:
  2. Think of how and where you want the bleach to go. Then apply and let dry for a min or so. Once dry you can stamp over it or just keep it plain. You can also use stencils and the bleach pen that Clorox makes. 
  3. Thats all it takes. Just use your creativity and experiment.Here is sample I created using the bleach technique.

    The card sample was made with Scenic Route “liberty” paper and chipboard shapes, which has been flying off the shelves at the store! Be sure to go and get some for all your 4th of July photos. The sample will be in the store if you want a closer look.

    Have a great weekend!



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