A little something for Father’s Day


Here we are with Father’s day upon us… Do you want to do a quick and simple craft with your child that is something special for Dad? Here is one idea for you. A little mini book with loving thoughts and pictures for Dad.

You will need one sheet of cardstock paper for the outside, and a different color cardstock for the inside pages. I was able to make two books with one book sized at 6×6 and another that was 6X3. I had 4 inside sheets for the 6X6 book and 3 inside sheets for the 6X3 book. Using a total of 3 sheets of cardstock. You will also need cardstock stickers, letter stickers or die cuts, ribbon, and whatever you would like to add for the personal touch.

After cutting down my sheets to the size book that I wanted to make, I put the cardstock together and punched two holes for binding it together. Thinking that this minibook would be great for my husband’s desk, I wanted to make sure the binding would be strong. I could have used eyelets on each page to strengthen the holes, but instead I chose to add a cardstock strip to the front and back with a cardstock sticker to add weight. I lined it up with the book and punched holes. Now my book was ready to be bound with ribbon. I double tied the ribbon and then used a bone folder to make a crease in front of the cardstock strip, so that when the book opened, it did not disturb the bindings.

Next you decorate the front with an endearment for your hubby or dad. I added some more cardstock stickers to complete the look.

 For the inside of my books, I have a page for each child, and one extra page for all three kids in my hubby’s book. I had the kids list 5 things that they love about Papa and they drew pictures of themselves with their dad for his book. Whatever you child would like to do that would make the book special for their father. Decorate and you’re done!

Happy crafting!




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