More kid’s cards… this time painting!


We got a few great new lines in the store this week, and I just had to use them with my daughter to make cards! Also if you were able to join us in store today for the frenzy, you would have seen one of our newest loves in use… the Twinkling H2Os! If you weren’t there, no problem. I am using them here as well and will walk you through it step by easy step.

This craft is for 6 and up, unless your younger child is already coloring within the lines pretty well. 

We are using Rusty Pickle’s new Pop Star line… the paper is Miley. The card is made from Imaginisce’s new line Baby Powder… the paper is Oopsie Daisy. You will also need water color pencils, sparkling H2O’s, a little cup of water, a paper towel and paint brushes.

We started with Bailey (6) using my water color pencils to color in where she wanted on the Pop Star paper. I just let her take charge and did not guide her in any way. When she was finished with her coloring I began to paint with a little water on my paintbrush over where she had colored to smooth out the look of the color pencils. You can still tell that it is her work, it is just smoothed out a bit.Bailey\'s coloring

painting over

Next I took out the Sparkling H2Os. Here you are… are you ready… just open the jar… add a drop of water… and dip your paint brush in… that’s it! They are water colors as well, just more sparkly and fun. The more water that is on your brush or in the paint, the more iridescent the color on the paper will be, BUT then the paper might curl up some from the wetness. I made sure to dab areas that seemed a little too wet with a paper towel. The less water, the more creamy and deep the colors will be. It is a great way to change the look of the color that you are using as well!

So the paints are out and the brush is ready… back to the card.

Sparkling H2Os

I wanted it to remain mostly her work with little touches of sparkle here and there. So I would drop in color on a petal or two of her flower, or the spots on the butterfly wings, or the swirls under the lettering. Just a little here and there to add some fun. Then I cut out different parts of the paper to make several differentcuttin up cards.

After I cut out the portion of the Pop Star paper that I wanted for this card, I measured and cut the Oopsie Daisy paper so that the image would fit. In this case the card is 7″ x 8 1/2″ folded in half to make a 7″ x 4 1/4″ card. Usually my cards measure to be 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″. The size your cards will just be determined by which parts of the Pop Star paper you would like to use and how they fit together on your card.

Fold your paper over and adhere your cut Pop Star colorings. Add a sweet endearment inside and you are ready to send it out!Scarlett\'s card

This one is for her darling new cousin, Scarlett.  Bailey is wishing her sweet dreams and lots of love!

Thanks and happy crafting!



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