Home Decor With Houston – From the Chipboard Up!


So, you have indoor plumbing but do you have an outhouse?  I do!  Here it is . . . Indoor Outhouse


Isn’t it just the cutest outhouse you have ever seen?  I just love it.  I started out with a Maya Road Chipboad Townhome and to me it just cried “Make me into an outhouse!”  The best part isn’t the cute exterior though, it’s the little album inside that holds some of my favorite photos from our mountain adventures!










The supplies that you will need to build your outhouse (or any of the larger homes) are:
1 Maya Road Chipboard House
1 Bottle of Ranger Crackle Paint (for the roof) I used Vintage Photo
1 Pioneer Embellishment Glue Stick (this thing really holds, do not try this with another glue stick, it will come apart)
1 to 2 Sheets of Patterned Paper, I used the new Botanico Line from Chatterbox
1 pad of Ranger Distress Ink, again I used Vintage Photo
1 Ink Blending Tool (you can also use a cosmetic sponge)
6 to 12 Wallet Sized Photos
1 Journaling Stamp
1 small scrap of vellum
Embellishments of your choice
Journaling Pen
Basic Grey File Set

-Begin by painting the roof with Crackle Paint. Lay this on thick like you are icing a cupcake! It produces the best crackle finish. Lay this aside to dry while you work on the rest of the house.

-Trim your patterned paper to 2″ higher than the tallest point of your home and 1/2″. Begin adhering the paper to the house by applying the glue stick directly to the chipboard and wrapping the paper around the outside. Secure the end by applying the glue stick to the last edge of the paper.
Lay the outhouse on its side and make cuts from the corner of the paper to the house and wrap the bottom of the home just like a present, securing the edges with glue stick. Trim a square patterned paper to cover the bottom of your home and adhere it, this leaves a nice finished look in case anyone takes a peek at the foundation:)
Place the house right side up and trim the corner of the patterned paper to the corners of the home. Carefully cut the paper to match the roof line leaving 1/2″ of overlap. Again fold and secure the paper with the glue stick, trimming off any excess as you go.

– Alright now it is time to get dirty. Lay out a sheet of paper that you don’t mind getting dirty or a silicone craft mat. Place your chipboard pieces (doors, windows, albums, etc.) on the paper and get your ink pad and blending tool ready. Alright load up that sponge with ink and start rubbing it into the chipboard until you achieve your desired look! Let that dry and go wash up.

-Okay now it’s the fun part . . . decorating! I glued vellum to the back of my window, but you could just as easily make patterned paper curtains or whatever you might like. To adhere the windows and doors I used that amazing glue stick.
For the album I adhered my photos with the glue stick and trimmed off any excess, then I used the file set to distress the edges and again rubbed them with inky sponge.

– If you want to add some journaling to the back of each album piece use the same distress ink with your journaling stamp or you just make it a wonderful photo album of your home or adventures.

Welcome Home,


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