Kids crafts- school days


This craft is for you to do with your child and is a great way to wrap up the end of the school year. Because you will be doing it with your child, it will work with any age… even childcare age!

Because I have been teaching, I forgot to take last day of school pictures this year! Bad mom, I know. So today I did a little impromptu picture taking session along with an interview of my children. We were working together to create an end of year profile.

I got the idea for this from one of our fabulous design team members, Emily. She did a layout (lo) at the beginning of the school year with a picture of her daughter’s new school shoes. She created the lo leaving a 4 x 6 space next to the first day shoes picture to be filled with a last day shoes picture. I have always done first day of school los, but I really liked the idea of finishing out the school year.

So this year I created a lo for each child focusing on the highs and lows of the year. What did they love learning about this year? What could they have done without? What was their favorite book that they read this year? What changed for them from the beginning of the year until the end? What was their favorite school lunch? Who do they hope to get for a teacher next year? Etc… Of course the questions are going to change for each child and for each different kind of school (daycare vs elementary vs middle school vs high school vs college). I had to change my questions as I went along, letting my child kind of guide the interview. I had to steer them back a couple of times, but letting them take me along is a great way to see into their world.

After getting all the information that I was looking for, I decided to create a lo myself. You can also print extra copies of the photos and interview questions and have your child create their own, but personally… this was for me to do.

Following along with Emily’s idea, I think that I will do a beginning of school interview next year as well. It will be great to see the changes and growth.

Happy crafting!




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