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Sunday Sketch

June 29, 2008

How did the week go by so fast?  I hope you all got a chance to participate in the Shop Hop and visit some of the other local stores.  I  snuck away for an afternoon and got to pick up a few goodies.

I had traveling on my mind when developing this week’s sketch.  I don’t know about you, but I always take so many photos (some might say too many, but is there really such a thing?) when I travel and then struggle to get them all in my book or have a perfect photo except for a tiny detail, like another tourist in the frame.

This sketch is perfect for cropping those less than perfect photos and getting several on a page.

Speaking of traveling, have you seen the new travel line from Making Memories?  The colors are so fun and the patterns perfect for any destination.  Don’t miss the great embellishments, perfectly packaged in a suitcase.

The secret to the sketch is dimension, use foam squares to highlight your favorite photos and journaling. For the title I used the ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ stamp set from Technique Tuesday.  It’s perfect for all your travel pages and special cards.

Hope you have a great week!


Happy Fourth of July fun!!!

June 28, 2008

Today you are going to get two for the price of one! That’s right… two fun and easy projects to complete with your child to celebrate the upcoming Fourth holiday.

The ages will be preschool- 3rd grades. Although older children can add to these crafts to add levels of difficulty. We are going to be making a wreath and a Statue of Liberty crown.

Let’s start with the wreath… You will need…

  • A white paper plate or a white sheet of paper cut into a 9″ circle
  • red, white and blue paper
  • sticker stars or star brads
  • white craft glue, paper cutter, scissors
  • large paper clip

Start with cutting out 3 4-inch squares from each of the three colors of paper. Then fold the squares in half to make triangles.

Cut the center out of the paper plate or your white paper circle being careful not to cut the edges.

Next you will be adding the triangles around the wreath. I found that it was easiest to place the center point on the inside edge of the plate with the long edge heading right. The left point of the triangle will be hanging off the outside edge of the plate. The next triangle will be layered by matching the center point to the inside of the plate again, and now the right point will be lined up with the edge of the first triangle with the left point hanging off the outside edge again. Continue to layer the triangles all the way around the plate.

We layered first to make sure it would work before we started over, this time gluing them down.

When all the triangles are in place, you can add the sticker stars to all the middle points where the papers meet. I choose to use star brads instead.

Add the paper clip to one of the outside edges and hang from your door…. or use as a face adornment as Bailey has here. =)



For the Statue of Liberty Crown you will need…

  • 2 paper plates or 2- 9″ circles of paper
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • Ruler and pencil
  • gold paint and a paint brush if the paper plates are white

We used gold paper so that we did not have to mess with the paints. I started by cutting out two 9″ circles. Then we cut out the center of one leaving about 1 1/2″ rim and without cutting through the rim.

On the second circle you are going to mark where the center circle is on the first. Place the cut circle on top of the whole circle and make a few marks showing where the rim is. Place the circle with the inside cut out to the side.

On the complete circle use your ruler to draw a line through the middle of the circle up to the rim markings. You are going to continue to draw lines creating 8 equal pie sections.

Cutting through the outside rim, cut out one of the wedge pieces.

You will now cut along the other lines, but stopping where you have marked the rim.

Fold the points outward and place the first circle on top of the folds. Staple around the edge and place on your head. =)

Happy Fourth of July!


More Black Market Paper Society

June 26, 2008

A few weeks back, Vivian showed you her projects she created with the new papers from Black Market Paper Society. I want to show you mine now. I got to play with the Ebony & Alabaster, their all black and white line. Mary Kay handed me the pack of papers and said, “Please try and use the A side.” See, typically I prefer the B sides of paper, the backside of a two-sided piece of paper, the side that doesn’t have the bar code on it, it’s more often a quieter print. That side usually speaks to me, but with this line, I had a hard time choosing between the two sides. Both were very usable for this B sider.

I looked through the pack and happily concluded that this line would work well for a number of different types of designs. The first thing that came to mind was weddings, but add a few splashes of color and you’d have the perfect backdrop for a funky layout as well. I love finding a line that can be dressed up so many ways. My first project was the funky one. My new favorite thing to do is to hand cut scallops, they really add a fun touch to a page, without taking away from the pictures. I used a couple of the tags from the die cut page, and some jeweled brads to make this page about the 10K Heather and I participated in. See how the bright colors really pop against the black and white?

My next page I went a little more formal, hand cutting the picture’s frame out of a sheet. This paper is the easiest stuff to hand cut intricate designs from, it’s got an interesting texture, it’s thinner than cardstock, but the texture makes it so easy to cut and not rip small pieces off while cutting. I could get as intricate as I wanted on this frame. I added a strip of paper and “hung” the picture like it was in a gallery. It was fun to do.

My final project with this line did involve a wedding theme. It’s such an elegant line, you could use it for a wedding album. I added some glitter to another hand cut element just to give it some more texture. I used the die cut sheet again for the words “Always and Forever.”

I was pleasantly surprised with this new company’s product, I’ll definitely be looking forward to their next release.

It’s clear to me…

June 25, 2008

that an adhesive for acrylic, transparencies, vellum or the like is very important.  Acrylic has made it into the world of scrapbooking as transparencies have to, I love me some Hambly.  My personal choice for an adhesive that works best on these types of mediums is Therm O Web Vellum Runner.  No surprise there as I am also very lucky to design for this company!

It’s the best on the market in my mind and I have been using it in my acrylic album classes.  The photo above uses it on a Hambly transparency.

-A few tips on using the vellum runner:

-Point runner at a vertical angle and use quick, solid strokes to apply

-When you come to the end, flick your wrist to disconnect the vellum adhesive from the runner

-Vellum runner is best used directly on paper first as it will not stick to acrylic, transparency or other and it might scratch the surface of these types of mediums.

Creative “clear” cheers,


Basic Grey Makes CARD KITS???

June 24, 2008

Why, yes, they do! And they are adorable. There’s an all-occasion kit (pictured here), using the new Sultry line, and a baby card kit (great for much more than babies), with a mixture of lines. Each of them makes eight cards, complete with envelopes, and in a variety of sizes.


Both kits come with chipboard and rub-ons made especially for the kits– not just recycled from existing lines. The paper is pre-cut and -scored– it really couldn’t be easier.  These are similar to the Figgy Pudding card kits, which we could NOT keep in the store. Get yours before they’re all gone!

Home Decor with Houston – QK Shadowbox

June 23, 2008

Sweet Baby Shadowbox - Quickutz June Release

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited to tell you about our new Quickutz Club that we are starting at the store!  As a member of the QK Club you get an exclusive die once a month, designed by Quickutz just for club members.  You also get a 30% discount off regular price of Quickutz everday including special orders.  Club members also get to attend a QK Social once a month where you can see the latest dies and do a make and take using the latest release.  For our first QK Social we are inviting everyone to come and see what the club is all about–no membership necessary.   Stop by the store on July 10th from 4-5:30pm to see what all the fuss is about!

This HDH project is a shadowbox frame with three different inserts made using the latest Quickutz releases for the Revolution.  All of these can be made using supplies in your stash from Scrapbook Destination. 

The Sweet Baby shadowbox uses metallic gold cardstock for the carriage handle AND as a shadow under the popped-up letters– in person it looks dimensional, almost like chipboard. The background is new October Afternoon patterned paper: pretty!

The Coleman shadowbox features two colors of silver on the plane, our favorite textured Seaside paper as the background, and Doodlebug’s Crushed Velvet Cardstock for the smoke-like flourish & the letters.

Boy Shadowbox Insert - Quickutz June Release

The Sophie shadowbox has a background of Doodlebug’s new glittered cardstock featuring flowers; everything else is made of metallic cardstock from Prism Papers.

 Girl Shadow Box Insert - Quickutz June Release

Sunday Sketch

June 22, 2008

Need to maximize your summer scrapbooking time?  We’ve got the answer for you. Houston and Mary Kay developed our Five in a Flash page kits… Here’s a sneak peak at the kind of sketches you’ll find in the kit

and a sample page using kit materials

Each kit contains 2 sheets of PP, 2 sheets of stickers, and 8 pieces of coordinating cardstock. Plus sketches for 5 pages, yes 5 pages! They even come with “cut diagrams” to make cutting out the pieces a breeze. Not planning on traveling far this summer?  Not to worry– these fabulous kits come in 42 great themes, from sports to pets to destinations, so you’re sure to find something to match photos you’re working on.  These kits would also make a great gift for any scrapbooker (or even someone you’re trying to hook).

Have a great week!

Animal bookmarks…

June 21, 2008

This week we are going to make a dog bookmark–a fun way to hold those pages until you get a chance to get back at that great book!

Since you will be precutting the pieces beforehand, this craft can be done by ages 3 and up. Older children can even take this idea and try to figure out how to change it enough to make other animals.

This idea came from Paper Crafting with Kids  a magazine we have in the store. You should definitely come check it out and see what else you can do with your children.

 You will need light brown paper, dark brown paper, white paper, black paper, ribbon, an eyelet, beads, string, and different adhesives. I used a glue stick, zots, and Supertape.

For this craft you will need to pre cut…

  • 3 1/4″ x 6″ light brown rectangle
  • 2- 2″ oval or teardrop shaped darker brown for ears
  • 2- 1 1/4″ circles in dark brown- one for the eye patch and half of one for the body spot
  • 2- 1 1/2″ white circles for cheeks
  • 2- 1/2″ white circles for eyes
  • 1- 1/2″ dark brown circle for nose
  • 1- 1/2″ colored circle for eyelids cut in half
  • 2- small black circles for pupils

 Okay, the hard part is done! Now for assembly.

Place the rectangle down in front of your child and have them adhere the ears to the top corners.

Next have them glue down the spot behind where the left eye will be, pretty close to the ear and the half spot on the lower right side of the body.

The cheeks will be next. Glue them down under under the eye spot. Then add the small brown nose to the top part, in the center where the two cheeks meet.

Now for the eyes. Glue down the two small white circles. One on the bottom right of the eye spot and the other close by. The pupils should be added next and you are almost done!

Use a brown pen to mark three whisker spots on each cheek, just dot, dot, dot.

Next you will adhere your ribbon for a collar. Wrap your ribbon around the bottom part of the body, leaving room for a hanging “tag”. I used Supertape on the ribbon to hold it in place. I also wrapped our ribbons all the way around the bookmark, gluing the front middle and the two ends on the back. Using a zot, I place a bead in the center of the front, just below the ribbon, for the hang “tag.”

If you would like to add the top string and beads, you can continue on. I placed an eyelet in the top center of the bookmark to add strength, then lace a string loop through the eyelet hole. Take the ends of your string and bring them through the loop and pull tight. You should now have the string attached. Lace three beads onto your sting pull. With your fourth bead, only lace onto one of the two strings and then tie a knot securing the beads onto the string.

Enjoy your bookmark!

This project can be modified easily to make other animals. The magazine also shows a cat, as you see Bailey holding here. You can also use this project to make postcards (no string attachment), invitations, placemarkers, name tags, gift tags, etc…


Thanks, and happy crafting!


Technique Friday

June 20, 2008

Wow its hard to believe it is already Friday again. The weeks seem to fly by. The technique for today is nothing new but so much fun. You can achieve many unique looks with using bleach. I mostly use this technique on cards since I don’t know what it will do to a layout over the years.

Supplies needed:

Colored card Stock
Something to apply the beach with. I used Q-tips.
Wear something old when doing this. (just in case)




  1. Choose the color of card stock you want. Test the bleach on strip just to see what the bleach is going to do. It looks totally different on dark colored paper. Here are a few of my tests:
  2. Think of how and where you want the bleach to go. Then apply and let dry for a min or so. Once dry you can stamp over it or just keep it plain. You can also use stencils and the bleach pen that Clorox makes. 
  3. Thats all it takes. Just use your creativity and experiment.Here is sample I created using the bleach technique.

    The card sample was made with Scenic Route “liberty” paper and chipboard shapes, which has been flying off the shelves at the store! Be sure to go and get some for all your 4th of July photos. The sample will be in the store if you want a closer look.

    Have a great weekend!


Journaling Inspiration

June 19, 2008

Sometimes we all need a little spark, a little inspiration to get our journaling going in the right direction. Or maybe you are looking to step outside of your usual journaling box and try something new. Let me introduce you to the Journaler’s Junction blog. The challengers on the blog include myself, fellow Scrapbook Destination design team member Emily Pitts, and three other amazingly creative scrapbookers. We post a new challenge each week to get your journaling mojo flowing. We challenge you to use new techniques. We challenge you with different journaling concepts. We also mix in some specific topics that you may have never thought to journal about before. So come on over and check us out. See what we are all about, and let us know what you think. We hope to inspire you to take your journaling to the next level!