The Versatility of Handwriting


It’s time for journaling again! Did anyone try anything new since last time? Our theme this week is handwriting. My experience is, either you love your handwriting or you hate it. For many years, I was in the ‘hate it’ camp. This was my handwriting when I first started scrapping…

I can admit, it’s not bad, but I didn’t really like it. Then I met a fellow scrapper that told me I could change it if I wanted to. I didn’t believe her. But then I gave it a shot. I just slowed down, wrote each letter the way I wanted to, and practiced, practiced, practiced. I love my handwriting now. I prefer it on 99% of my layouts. So, let me show you how versatile handwriting can be on your pages!

Probably my favorite way to use handwriting is to write on strips. It’s so easy and makes your journaling really stand out.

Journaling spots. Much like strips. Easy to use. So many choices.

Speaking of choices… Journaling stamps. There are so many out there! Just use the handy lines to keep your journaling straight.

Writing on pictures is very easy if you use a pen made especially for slick surfaces.

Placement of journaling is so easy with your handwriting. No measuring or setting margins, just write where ever you want!

It makes ‘turning the corner’ a snap.

Let’s not forget writing on your embellishments. Everything from chipboard…

to flowers…

to road race number bibs!

And unless you think that handwriting is only for scrapbook pages…give it a try on your cards, too!

So, go ahead. Give your handwriting a shot!!


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