Technique Friday: Hand-drawn look


If you’re a stamper like me you will love this trick.  All you need is versa mark, a stamp of any kind (wood or acrylic) and a fine point pen or colored pencil. 

Apply versa mark to your image and then stamp. 
You can see the faint outline of your image. Then trace with a fine point pen or colored pencil. You can trace exactly or sketch roughly around it. Doing this technique adds the hand-drawn look without having to really draw. 

 Experimenting with different colors and pen points will add a great look to the once plain stamp ink. I used this technique on a simple card. Though it works well on layouts, just make sure you pen is acid-free. One other thing I like to use this technique for is journaling. Using your computer program type out your journaling but then make the type a very faint gray ( as faint as your eyes will let you). Once you’ve printed just trace over it and it looks like your wrote it yourself.


The hippo and the writing (hip-hippo-ray) are Technique Tuesday acrylic stamps from the set called “Zoology”. The flowers and buttons are by Making Memories. I used some scrap paper from my stash but I think it older Scenic Route paper. Hope you find this technique fun and easy to do! 


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One Response to “Technique Friday: Hand-drawn look”

  1. Terry Wise Says:

    This technique is a very easy technique and will use it. From my last comment on the Cornish Heritage Farms stamp, versa mark gives the light image. I just can’t remember all the various designs of each ink. LOL!! Have you tried the Castaway stamp pad for a bleached effect? I hear and have read along the way you can use bleach on your stamps but they do tend to dry them out. I picked up a Castaway stamp pad at the Rocky Mountain Rubber Hi weekend in January 2007.

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