Crafting with Kids: Scrap craft collage


This easy and verstatile craft is great to help reduce the amount of scraps in your scrap bag. Because of the versatility of this craft it is good for any age over 4. The more detailed the picture, the higher the age range. For the younger crowd, use a large picture with little detail. The 7-10 age range might even prefer to draw a picture of their own to color in.

You will need a picture to color, glue stick, black pen, and lots of scraps from which to choose.

Begin with an image

Bailey and I chose to use pictures from one of her coloring books. We tore them out and then dove into our scrap bags to find colors to use to fill in the pictures. I made sure to use complementary colors for mine, while Bailey just went for patterns that appealed to her.

Begin your picture with the bottom most layer. What I mean by that is if there is a girl in a dress with an apron, such as in my picture, you will want to begin with her skin and hair. Then go on to her dress, next her apron and lastly the pocket on the apron. This allows any overages that might happen to not bother the flow of the colors in the design.

Use your glue stick to fill in the area that you are going to begin working on. Rip up your paper into tiny pieces and begin to fill in the pattern. The smaller the pieces the more delicate the design can be. When working with smaller children, you can precut tiny squares for them to use, or just tear larger pieces that are easy to pick up with little fingers.  

FIll in each layer, stopping to apply glue to the picture before going on to the next section. When you apply the glue to the picture instead of the pieces, it allows the pieces to stick to your page and not your hands, shirt, table, hair, face, etc…

When finished, you can use your black pen to go over the picture and clean up the edges for a more crisp look.

This can be delicate work that takes great patience or it can be quick and easy depending on your picture, your child, and the size of pieces with which you are working. Just have fun and enjoy the process.

Happy scrappin’




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2 Responses to “Crafting with Kids: Scrap craft collage”

  1. Karin Lopez Says:

    What a great idea! I love the idea of using scraps instead of crayons to color in a coloring book page! Thanks for the tip.

  2. Michelle Mounts Says:

    This sounds really neat! I just wish you had included a picture so I could see what the finished project turned out like! Thanks for the idea!

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