Technique Friday: Fun with PearlEx


I love using Pearl-Ex powders on all sorts of things but recently I tried experimenting with it on my foam Thickers from American Crafts. It is very easy and makes the letters look very cool. 

To get started you will need:

  • American Crafts foam Thickers. Any color you want. (you could also use chipboard letters)
  • Versa Mark pen or small pad
  • Small paint brush (make sure it is completely dry)
  • Pearl-Ex powder 
  • Glossy Accents ( This is used as a sealant) Depending on the look you want you can use the matte, crackle, or gloss)
  • wax paper to work on
     Start by picking your letters and place them on the wax paper. Then apply the versa mark to the top. The pen works great. 

2. Gently brush on the Pearl-Ex powder. Neatness doesn’t count but a little bit of powder goes a long              way. The powder will only stick to where you put the versa mark. 


3. Once you have applied the powder to the vibrancy you like, peel off the foam letters and place to a          clean part of the wax paper or place on to a scrap piece of paper.


4. Apply the Glossy Accents to the top and let dry for a while at least an hour or so. Make sure when you      use the glossy accents the you don’t get it to thick and only cover the top. 


5. Once it is dry peel it off and place on to your project. 


  The photo doesn’t do it must justice but it is worth adding the pearl-ex to make your projects unique. Once the glossy accents dried it made my asterisk look almost cooper like. Have fun experimenting with Pearl-ex! It is so much fun and can be used on just about anything your heart desires. We have some colors in the store and would be more than happy to special order any other colors you might want. 



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