Life, LIBERTY, and the Pursuit of Scrappiness…


Sorry for the pun; I’m just so inspired by the new Scenic Route that’s in the store! It’s called Liberty, and it’s full of Fourth-of-July fun. The stickers are especially great; now I must remember to take some appropriate photos so I can use this line! (Do you think the kids will all wear red, white and blue this year, if I beg?)

Franklin Street Scrap Strip  stickers

So, speaking of the Fourth of July… and, since I haven’t shared any of my work here (primarily because I don’t really scrap anymore), I thought I’d share a page I did a couple of years ago. In a way, it’s responsible for me opening the store, because I made it for a contest with Deja Views, which I won. I got some nifty product and a check, and was thencefore hooked on scrapbooking as an industry, as well as a hobby. The contest required use of their “Alpha Blocks” line; I only had some 8×8 pads, but this is what I made. It was one of those cases of harmonic convergence; it all just fell together so nicely.

Deja Views Contest Winner

Strangely, I didn’t notice the recurring circles (or the repetition of the circle-within-a-square of the slide, in the paper) until I’d laid it all out. Just a very happy accident!


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3 Responses to “Life, LIBERTY, and the Pursuit of Scrappiness…”

  1. rachel carlson Says:

    LOVE this layout!!!

  2. Rox Says:

    Very nice MK! This layout goes to show you how timeless scrapbooking is! Makes me sad to read you don’t scrapbook anymore. We need to change that, because you’re fantastic!

  3. Karin Lopez Says:

    Such an awesome page, MaryKay. I’m sad to hear you don’t scrap anymore because clearly you are GOOD at it!

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