Flock the Monkey


Okay, maybe not the monkey. But with the latest releases from Doodlebug Designs, you can flock most anything. You can glitter lots of stuff, too!

Doodlebug has created flocking powder in all their great colors, and we have them in an assortment pack that almost looks too pretty to open up and use:

Doodlebug Flock Assortment

They’ve also created flocked papers. (They call them Crushed Velvet, but we know flocking when we see it, don’t we, scrappers?) They come in all those fabulous Doodlebug colors as well— the ones with the great names like Bumblebee, Cupcake, and Swimming Pool.

Then there are the Crushed Velvet brads, in three assortments: Bright, Pastel & Primary.

Bright Flocked BradsPastel Flocked Brads Primary Flocked Brads 

We’ve also got Doodlebug’s Glitter Assortment (called Sugar-Coated), in the same fabulous colors.

Glitter Assortment

Wondering what to do with all this flocked goodness? Check out Christyn’s post about exactly that. The same techniques work with glitter, too!

Come in and see what we’re up to.


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