A letter project


I have had a revelation since my last posting. Not everyone has kids the same age as mine! Shocking! I need to diversify my postings a bit, and so as of this week I will add an age level to give an approximation as to which group of kids the posting will target.

This week is for Pre-teens and up.

We are going to be creating a wall decoration using their first initial.

First you need to pick up the initial, one piece of patterned scrapbook paper, paint dabber, ribbons, buttons, flowers, or whatever they would like to use to decorate at your most favorite scrapbook store, Scrapbook Destination. You will need Zots and your regular adhesive.

Remove the bar code from your letter. Using your dabber, paint the front and sides of your letter. I had to also use a paint brush in order to reach all the tight places. Make sure you have a nice even coat and set aside to dry overnight.

When the paint is nice and dry, place the letter on top of the patterned paper. Now with these kinds of projects, I usually put the letter on the back side of the paper in order to trace it and to ensure no pencil lines on my final project. This time I chose to trace on the front side of the paper because I am working with a striped pattern and wanted to place the stripes exactly. If you are working with a repetitive pattern, you might want to trace on the back side with the letter wrong side up.

Using small sharp scissors cut around the inside of your pencil markings.

I used a few Zots with my regular adhesive to ensure a tight hold on the paper. You can see here the little round dots in the corners and my regular adhesive all around the edges. You want to make sure your edges are glued tightly so that the paper does not peel up. Carefully place your paper down on your letter. When you are sure that the paper is in the correct position, press down firmly.

Use your sharp small scissors again to make sure all your edges are cut away, if needed. Now you are ready to add your accessories!

I used two different kinds of ribbon, layered together. Use your Zots again to hold your ribbon down. If you are using a ribbon that frays, you can add a little touch of liquid glue to the edges to keep it from fraying. A glue stick works too, but not as well as liquid. Complete with buttons or flowers for the look that is right for you.

Hang or display and enjoy your creation!

See you next week,




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