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Technique Friday: Hand-drawn look

May 30, 2008

If you’re a stamper like me you will love this trick.  All you need is versa mark, a stamp of any kind (wood or acrylic) and a fine point pen or colored pencil. 

Apply versa mark to your image and then stamp. 
You can see the faint outline of your image. Then trace with a fine point pen or colored pencil. You can trace exactly or sketch roughly around it. Doing this technique adds the hand-drawn look without having to really draw. 

 Experimenting with different colors and pen points will add a great look to the once plain stamp ink. I used this technique on a simple card. Though it works well on layouts, just make sure you pen is acid-free. One other thing I like to use this technique for is journaling. Using your computer program type out your journaling but then make the type a very faint gray ( as faint as your eyes will let you). Once you’ve printed just trace over it and it looks like your wrote it yourself.


The hippo and the writing (hip-hippo-ray) are Technique Tuesday acrylic stamps from the set called “Zoology”. The flowers and buttons are by Making Memories. I used some scrap paper from my stash but I think it older Scenic Route paper. Hope you find this technique fun and easy to do! 


The Versatility of Handwriting

May 30, 2008

It’s time for journaling again! Did anyone try anything new since last time? Our theme this week is handwriting. My experience is, either you love your handwriting or you hate it. For many years, I was in the ‘hate it’ camp. This was my handwriting when I first started scrapping…

I can admit, it’s not bad, but I didn’t really like it. Then I met a fellow scrapper that told me I could change it if I wanted to. I didn’t believe her. But then I gave it a shot. I just slowed down, wrote each letter the way I wanted to, and practiced, practiced, practiced. I love my handwriting now. I prefer it on 99% of my layouts. So, let me show you how versatile handwriting can be on your pages!

Probably my favorite way to use handwriting is to write on strips. It’s so easy and makes your journaling really stand out.

Journaling spots. Much like strips. Easy to use. So many choices.

Speaking of choices… Journaling stamps. There are so many out there! Just use the handy lines to keep your journaling straight.

Writing on pictures is very easy if you use a pen made especially for slick surfaces.

Placement of journaling is so easy with your handwriting. No measuring or setting margins, just write where ever you want!

It makes ‘turning the corner’ a snap.

Let’s not forget writing on your embellishments. Everything from chipboard…

to flowers…

to road race number bibs!

And unless you think that handwriting is only for scrapbook pages…give it a try on your cards, too!

So, go ahead. Give your handwriting a shot!!


May 29, 2008

Oh YES we do!  We finally received our much anticipated shipment of Prima!  Petals, leaves, paper, embossed chipboard books, oh so lovely.  You must visit us before they are all gone.  And trust me, these WILL go fast!

And look at the packaging.  How sweet will these look all lined up in your storage solution?  The bottle 3rd in line is my favorite!

LOVE these too.  I keep thinking they look like spiced flowers.  How great will these look for all of your Spring layouts and projects.  Or a celebration album for your garden, trip to the botanic gardens or your favorite flowers!

Look closely, remember that “3rd in line” bottle – these flowers have printed collages on them – the vintage-like images are sure to please.  I also wanted you to see the leaves at closeup.  Flowers have come a long way!

And last but certainly not least, some very cool embossed chipboard books.  I can already see different colors of ink rubbed across the embossing and finished by accenting with flowers and leaves.

Brush the rainy days of Spring away with some new Prima flowers!

Creative cheers, Rachel

Sunday Sketch

May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day…hope you enjoyed the sunshine today and your picnic doesn’t get rained out tomorrow. Here’s this weeks sketch, just in case you find yourself stuck inside and ready to scrap.

and a quick layout using my favorite papers from Basic Grey and new Heidi Grace. I used my sewing machine to stitch a border around the edge and draw your eye into the photos.

Have a great week!

Crafting with Kids: Scrap craft collage

May 24, 2008

This easy and verstatile craft is great to help reduce the amount of scraps in your scrap bag. Because of the versatility of this craft it is good for any age over 4. The more detailed the picture, the higher the age range. For the younger crowd, use a large picture with little detail. The 7-10 age range might even prefer to draw a picture of their own to color in.

You will need a picture to color, glue stick, black pen, and lots of scraps from which to choose.

Begin with an image

Bailey and I chose to use pictures from one of her coloring books. We tore them out and then dove into our scrap bags to find colors to use to fill in the pictures. I made sure to use complementary colors for mine, while Bailey just went for patterns that appealed to her.

Begin your picture with the bottom most layer. What I mean by that is if there is a girl in a dress with an apron, such as in my picture, you will want to begin with her skin and hair. Then go on to her dress, next her apron and lastly the pocket on the apron. This allows any overages that might happen to not bother the flow of the colors in the design.

Use your glue stick to fill in the area that you are going to begin working on. Rip up your paper into tiny pieces and begin to fill in the pattern. The smaller the pieces the more delicate the design can be. When working with smaller children, you can precut tiny squares for them to use, or just tear larger pieces that are easy to pick up with little fingers.  

FIll in each layer, stopping to apply glue to the picture before going on to the next section. When you apply the glue to the picture instead of the pieces, it allows the pieces to stick to your page and not your hands, shirt, table, hair, face, etc…

When finished, you can use your black pen to go over the picture and clean up the edges for a more crisp look.

This can be delicate work that takes great patience or it can be quick and easy depending on your picture, your child, and the size of pieces with which you are working. Just have fun and enjoy the process.

Happy scrappin’



Technique Friday: Fun with PearlEx

May 23, 2008

I love using Pearl-Ex powders on all sorts of things but recently I tried experimenting with it on my foam Thickers from American Crafts. It is very easy and makes the letters look very cool. 

To get started you will need:

  • American Crafts foam Thickers. Any color you want. (you could also use chipboard letters)
  • Versa Mark pen or small pad
  • Small paint brush (make sure it is completely dry)
  • Pearl-Ex powder 
  • Glossy Accents ( This is used as a sealant) Depending on the look you want you can use the matte, crackle, or gloss)
  • wax paper to work on
     Start by picking your letters and place them on the wax paper. Then apply the versa mark to the top. The pen works great. 

2. Gently brush on the Pearl-Ex powder. Neatness doesn’t count but a little bit of powder goes a long              way. The powder will only stick to where you put the versa mark. 


3. Once you have applied the powder to the vibrancy you like, peel off the foam letters and place to a          clean part of the wax paper or place on to a scrap piece of paper.


4. Apply the Glossy Accents to the top and let dry for a while at least an hour or so. Make sure when you      use the glossy accents the you don’t get it to thick and only cover the top. 


5. Once it is dry peel it off and place on to your project. 



Designer’s Corner: Z Flow

May 23, 2008

Z flow is an important design principle to keep in mind as you create your layouts. The eye naturally moves across the page in a Z formation; the eye starts at the upper left, crosses over to the right, and then moves back down to the left and over to the right, similar to how the eye moves when reading text. Design can either help or hinder Z flow. Let’s look at a few examples.

In this first layout, the eye starts at the upper left with the button cluster and then moves right across the photo to the journaling block. Because the topmost button (where the eye starts) and the journaling block are both orange, the top line of the Z flows smoothly. Next, the eye moves diagonally down to the left, across the photo, and to the small orange block at the bottom left. Again, by using the same color at the points of the Z, the eye is aided in its movement. Last, the eye moves through the title and the striped paper strip, ending by resting on the orange stripes on the far right.

I struggled a bit with Z flow in this second layout. I knew that I wanted to use chipboard circles as the top left and bottom right end points of my Z. However, once my layout was complete with photos, chipboard, patterned paper, and my title, I noticed that my eye started at the top and moved to the right, but then the Z flow was interrupted; instead of moving back to the bottom left my eye was pulled down the polka dot strip of paper instead. This left my journaling block, the bottom photo, and my title out of the page’s flow, so I knew I needed to do something to correct the problem. I added a few simple stitched lines at the top right and bottom left and that brought back the Z flow I needed to fully integrate my journaling block, bottom photo, and title into the page design.

The next time you create a layout and it doesn’t look quite right to you, put it to the Z flow test. If your eye doesn’t move in the Z pattern, try adding pops of color or embellishments to complete the Z.

Fiskars Threading Water Border Punch…

May 21, 2008


Our shipment has arrived so hurry in and get yours today!  We did so well with it at one of our frenzies that it sold out.  Get on board with the cool kids and make sure that this punch is part of your tools too!

Some samples with the border punch:

Life, LIBERTY, and the Pursuit of Scrappiness…

May 20, 2008

Sorry for the pun; I’m just so inspired by the new Scenic Route that’s in the store! It’s called Liberty, and it’s full of Fourth-of-July fun. The stickers are especially great; now I must remember to take some appropriate photos so I can use this line! (Do you think the kids will all wear red, white and blue this year, if I beg?)

Franklin Street Scrap Strip  stickers

So, speaking of the Fourth of July… and, since I haven’t shared any of my work here (primarily because I don’t really scrap anymore), I thought I’d share a page I did a couple of years ago. In a way, it’s responsible for me opening the store, because I made it for a contest with Deja Views, which I won. I got some nifty product and a check, and was thencefore hooked on scrapbooking as an industry, as well as a hobby. The contest required use of their “Alpha Blocks” line; I only had some 8×8 pads, but this is what I made. It was one of those cases of harmonic convergence; it all just fell together so nicely.

Deja Views Contest Winner

Strangely, I didn’t notice the recurring circles (or the repetition of the circle-within-a-square of the slide, in the paper) until I’d laid it all out. Just a very happy accident!

Sunday Sketch

May 19, 2008

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and you were able to get some fabulous deals at the garage sale.  Wondering what to do with all your new goodies?  Here’s sketch that will let you have a finished page in no time.

and here’s a finished LO from the sketch to get your creative mojo rolling.