Ah, chipboard…..




1.  a low grade of cardboard, used as a backing for pads of paper, a stiffener for photographs in mailing, etc.

2.  a thin, stiff sheet material made from wastepaper.

3.  a type of board made from compressed waste wood bound together with synthetic resin.

Oh but we as artists, memory keepers or the like would prefer to think of it as a new medium to create lovely works of art!

As you have been noticing, Houston has made some fabulous home decor projects with our Maya Road chipboard trees, you saw Vivian use Scenic Route chipboard butterflies in a lovely layout about her daughter, and the list goes on.  We also offer classes that feature mini chipboard albums, check out our website for the class schedule.

We LOVE chipboard at our store and have a plethora to choose from:  Maya Road, Scenic Route, etc.

A few examples:

And on the subject of houses:  These albums would make great projects for documenting a move, your new house, the dream of building a house, etc.  You could even use them as gifts for a house warming, decorate the house and add recipes on the inside, etc.

Thanks for indulging me as I myself am in the middle of settling into a new house.  I used the last example to document our humble abode.  Of course I made a few alterations, took the rings off and used the bind-it-all to bind it together.  I also recycled a piece of bind-it-all wire for the smoke coming out of the chimney.

Come visit us and let us guide you on renovating a chipboard house of your own!

Creative cheers, Rachel


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3 Responses to “Ah, chipboard…..”

  1. Anisa Says:

    Rach! A-door-able! WHY am I not surprised to see a project like this from you! SO cute!

  2. Debbie Says:

    so much fun!

  3. Lawrenbc Says:

    Too cool Rachel!!!

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