Crafting With Kids: Mini Books


I don’t know if you all have had the time to make your creative box for your kids yet, but let me tell you what happened with mine once I introduced it to them. Creative crafting all weekend long! Literally.

So I decided that I need to help them get a little focus and not just jump from one thing to another going through paper and pictures like crazy. I decided to create a little mini book for them.

Taking a few, maybe three, pages of the pre-cut paper from their box, we holed punched on one side. Then I dug through their stash and found some ribbon to tie the pages together.

We found pictures for them to use and I challenged them to stick with the project until their book was complete.

What I loved was the original journaling that they brought to the project. I was able to see from their perspective what Christmas or a birthday party was all about.

I plan on using some of their work on pages of my own, or even just leaving it as it is and dropping it into a page protector, in order to incorporate their work into our family’s history. I want them to feel that their feelings, thoughts and artwork are just as important as mine.

Have your child begin adding to your family’s history today!

Dillon’s work- 8 years old

Bailey’s work- 6 years old


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