Technique Friday: Fun With Brads!


Add a little excitement  and texture to your plain brads by heat-embossing them.  
Once you see how easy it is you will want to emboss all your brads. With so many kinds of embossing powders to choose from you are sure to create some unique looking brads. HAVE FUN!

Things you will need:

  1. Tweezers
  2. Brads- Any size ( the ones that are more flat on top work best) 
  3. Versa Mark or embossing ink
  4. Embossing powders
  5. Heat gun

  • Using your tweezers hold the brad prongs and press the top into the versa mark.


  • Dip into or sprinkle with embossing powder and heat. 

  •   Make sure you allow the brad to cool before touching. 
    *Try double embossing to get a thicker coat. Just repeat until you have the look you want.
    *You can also try using the Embellishment Glue Stick and fun flock to make your brads fuzzy.
      Just apply the glue to your brad and press fun flock on top. Make sure you allow the glue to dry    after you have flocked it otherwise your flock will rub off. 




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