Crafting with Kids: Getting Ready


I don’t know about you, but there are times when I don’t want to sit down and scrapbook because I know that the minute I sit down, the kids will appear wanting to scrap as well. The problem with this is that then I can not get anything done! I have to find pictures for them, paper for them, stickers for them, etc…  I love when then want to be a part of my hobby, but I was beginning to dread it. I needed a place where I could direct the kids to go so that we could work together, instead of me avoiding the whole process.

I started out by purchasing a file box that I could keep in my scrappin’ space. Then I came home and gathered all the supplies that I allow my kids to use. Old papers, stickers, markers, accessories, and of course pictures. I got everything out and piled it on my table.

getting ready

Next, I made a plan. I am big on plans. It helps me know where I want to go and helps my brain figure out a way to get there. I knew that I had pictures, paper, stickers, etc. and I know what tools were needed for scrapping. I ordered the items into categories and then began to organize the mess.

Making a plan

Keep in mind that your plan is not set in stone. I realized pretty quickly that it did not make sense for me to have separate files for some of my tool items. I also realized that my pictures needed to be in the front file not after the papers. So as you are working, you will develop a more complex plan.

My kids scrap in 8 x 8 format, so I needed to make sure that their papers were already set to that size. I cut down my 12 x 12 papers and put all the scraps in the folder labeled scraps. They can use these to back pictures or run them through my Cricut for letters or shapes.

I also included a file of 8 1/2  x 11 papers just in case they want to use a larger piece of paper for another kind of craft.

Resizing paper

Next, I labeled my file box and filed the now organized mess away. I had an extra small cutter that they could use and they always like the glue stick as adhesive. So they were filed away with the supplies. Any supplies that I know they will need to scrap were put into the box. They will be able to go to the box and immediately begin their work without interrupting mine.

Close up on the files

ready to craft

There was a few things that did not work out in the file box, so I have extras in a plastic pail that I keep in the cabinet.

extra storage

The most important thing is to remember that this is a work in progress. You do not need to go through EVERYTHING that you have. Just get enough in their box that they can begin. When you are working on a page and have extra pictures, take a moment and file them into their box. When you come across some paper that they can use, take a moment and size it and file it into their box. The same goes for anything else you allow your children to use in their scrapping.

Having the box near to your space helps you remember to add to it, and it helps your children know they are welcome to scrap along side of you. When they feel welcome in your craft space, they will be more willing to allow you to have your fun as well!

Happy crafting!



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One Response to “Crafting with Kids: Getting Ready”

  1. Angel Walter Says:

    This looks great now I know what I am going to on Thursday morning. I have Haileys stuff all in one big basket and she dumps it all out on the floor to look for stuff.. Thanks for the push to do some thing with it all.

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