Home Decor with Houston — Mussy Tussy Wall Hanging


One of my favorite ways to use all the amazing supplies that we have at the store is by making accents for my home!  It is easier than you think.  I made this Spring Mussy Tussy in less than an hour and it just brings a smile to my face everytime that I see it!

This project is very simple and you can use up most of your flower stash by making it! (This makes room for some new colors in your flower jar!)

The supplies you will need are: 

1-Kaiser Kraft Christmas Tree, turn it upside down to make a cone shape

1-Providence Scrap Strip by Scenic Route

1 to 3 colors of Ranger Paint Dabbers that match Providence (you can use just a green if you like)

4 yards of grosgrain ribbon

2 yards of American Crafts gathered grosgrain ribbon

1 piece of chipboard

20 or so Primas (you could also use silk flowers or die cut flowers)

10 or so medium brads

1 package of letter stickers ( I used Thickers by American Crafts )

Tools of the trade – Paper trimmer, glue stick, foam squares, and glue dots, scissors or craft knife,  and a crop-a-dile.

  • Begin by laying the largest piece of the cone onto your chipboard, trace the shape and then draw a sort of “tree top” above it, cut this out and paint it green.
  • Next you are going to trim the scrap strip into… strips!  Choose which pattern you will use on each piece of the cone, it is almost done for you by width, and then paint each piece of the cone a corresponding color.  You can paint just the front and sides or the whole thing.
  • When the paint is dry adhere your paper to the front of each piece and trim off the excess.  I love to use the Pioneer glue stick for this job, it’s stronger than any other glue stick I have every used. 
  • Use the smaller title strips for embellishing some of the pieces!  Once all of the paper is adhered to the front of each section, turn them over and use a craft knife to cut out the ribbon slots.Title Strip Embellishments
  • Next you will want to adhere your green chipboard to the top section of the mussy tussy.  Let this dry and while you do that begin stacking and assembling your flowers!  This is the fun part!  Remember that if you feel some of your flowers are too large it’s okay to trim them down with scissors.  I had to get over my fear of messing them up by doing this, but I have to say it made it so much easier to get the look I wanted when I just snipped a little off here and there!
  • Is the chipboard stuck down really good to the top?  It’s not going anywhere you say, alright then now it’s time to be your own florist!  Start by laying your flowers out in a way that is pleasing to you and then lift each one up and glue it down.  I used foam squares and glue dots for this part! 

  • Now that you have the flowers in place you can choose if you want to have a greeting on the front, some options are…. Spring Has Sprung, Welcome Friends, etc… remember this is for your house so make it what you want!
  • Time to cut the 4 yards of grosgrain into 10″ long sections, carefully lay your mussy tussy down ( I like to do it on a cutting mat with a grid) and determine how far apart you want each section to hang.  Begin threading the ribbon through and tying it off, just make sure to keep each piece level.  You can trim the ends of the ribbon to look anyway you like!  I have seen bows between each piece, just keep in mind that if you do that use a thinner ribbon so you can see your greeting clearly.
  • Last, but not least, punch two hole in the top corners of your chipboard bouquet.  Get out that really fun new ribbon from American Crafts and begin pulling on the center stitching, it may take a minute to get it started, but trust me it’s worth it.  Gather the ribbon to your desired look and tie onto the mussy tussy.


 You’re done!  Now go hang that beautiful piece up on your door for all your neighbors to see, just don’t be suprised if they want one too!

 Have a great week,


Next week we’ll be making a wonderful framed piece of art with the Maya Road chipboard trees!  We just got more tins of these trees at the store, just remember they are going fast, so stop in today to get ready for next week.  It’s a project you won’t want to miss!


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2 Responses to “Home Decor with Houston — Mussy Tussy Wall Hanging”

  1. Tara Whalen Says:

    Houston- I love this project! Thanks for the inspiring idea!

  2. Karin Lopez Says:


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